The Fuel Cafe-


Client profile

Fuel Cafe is a premium themed restaurant cafe, located in Pune’s premium suburb Pimple Nilakh. They serve continental and Italian cuisine, breakfast and burger combos, and a wide range of hot and cold beverages.

The project scope-

Fuel Cafe was on the lookout for a creative partner who would look after their online branding and offline marketing and brandings. They were looking for someone with experience working with restaurants to plan and execute the revamp of menu and interiors.

Our solutions-

After many creative meeting and brainstorming sessions, we started off with brand awareness campaigns - online & offline. For online, we did extensive Facebook marketing, review campaigns, and targeted paid promotions. And for offline, we designed and created a whole new menu highlighting USP, and helped with completely revamping the interiors. We also look after their event participation print collaterals.


  • Fuel Cafe’s following on social media increased substantially.
  • Their posts received an increased reach and the number of visitors to increased.
  • Received positive feedback from patrons on the new interiors.
  • The revamped menu also well-received with many appreciating the combo meals.
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