Meet the Client

The Soundtrack cafe is a premium restaurant cafe located in Pune's premium suburb Pimple Nilakh. It serves different cuisines such as continental and Italian along with breakfast & burger combos, and a wide range of hot and cold beverages. The restaurant is instrumental in offering high quality of food and best hospitality. Along with a restaurant, there are co-working spaces & activity space with great music & audio setup for freelancers, startups, corporate employees, bloggers, and others in its premises. Inspired by an objective to help others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, The Soundtrack cafe offer an environment that fosters creativity and connects people with like-minded peers.

Prime Objective

To increase awareness of the brand in Pune through online and offline channels. Develop overall brand including revamping menu card and interior of the restaurant. Design a website for The Soundtrack cafe to gain online presence and create awareness.

What we did

Online branding

Before beginning the online & offline campaign, we had multiple brainstorming sessions to understand target audience and expectations of clients. Based on those inputs, we drew out a social media promotion roadmap. We captured images of each dish served by the café and used them for promotion. We conducted extensive Facebook promotion through regular updating posts that highlight their unique selling points (USP) and various cuisines from their menu. In addition, we carried out review campaigns and targeted paid promotions. We also replied to comments, queries, and messages.

For creating an online presence for The Soundtrack cafe, we designed a separate website by keeping the designs and philosophy of The Soundtrack cafe in mind. As the target audience was people who are creative and mostly freelancers, the website which is captivating for them needed to be designed. We organized a meeting with the client to brainstorm what can be included on the website. Accordingly, we selected a design that would be simpler for visitors to navigate and convey all the information about The Soundtrack cafe. The design included some of the photographs of the spaces and copy included information and benefits of using the activity spaces.

Offline branding

We conducted multiple discussion sessions with the client to understand their requirements. Based on inputs, we redesigned the interior of the restaurant to give a welcoming and mesmerizing ambiance. The walls and serving counter were designed to give a pleasant feel and enable customers enjoy their time. Then we designed posters and created wall designs according to the theme of the restaurant. Moreover, we designed the menu card with innovative fonts, colors, and description of each dish. The concept of menu card on a Vinyl shaped die cut material was introduced. Along with these services, we designed event participation printed collaterals and staff uniforms, premise branding.

After devising strategy for the restaurant, we started working on branding of The Soundtrack cafe. We ensured the brand philosophy of The Soundtrack cafe will reflect on The Soundtrack cafe. We began with the logo. We decided the font, color, and design that would attract the targeted audience and aligns with its parent brand The Soundtrack cafe. Moreover, boards, partitions, and wall paintings were required. We surveyed the location and devised an outline. Then we searched for various content and designs that would go up on boards and wall paintings. With multiple meetings with the client on selecting the designs and text that can be posted on the wall, we finalized the boards and paintings.

From interior side of walls to exterior side of the walls, we finalized the creative designs and illustrations along with quotations regarding co-working, startups, and entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, we helped in designing the interior that would encourage creativity and make people feel delighted to work in those spaces. While designing the interior, we made sure the space is utilized optimally by putting partitions to give necessary space and privacy for different activities. The printings on exterior side conveyed that co-working activities were conducted there along with presenting current offers. The services and facilities provided by this startup firm was printed on the transparent glass that was placed with a purpose of showcasing the inside environment to attract more people. Every design on the interior and the exterior was made by keeping the brand philosophy of The Soundtrack cafe in mind.


There was a considerable increase in following on social media for The Soundtrack Cafe. The reach for posts rose substantially and the number of visitors increased. Moreover, we received an appreciative feedback from patrons on the new interior designs. The revamped menu was also well-received with an appreciation for the combo meals. The wooden pads and servings pans made everything clutter-free and gave trendy, rustic, and continental feel. It was recognized socially and well-accepted that added to the authenticity of the cafe.

For soundtrack cafe, the designs and wall paintings have been appreciated by people working there as a medium to encourage creativity and make the work environment pleasurable. There has been significant demand for the co-working spaces after inspecting the interior design. The website became the important factor to get inquiries owing to its captivating design and information conveyed.