KNT Climbing

Meet the Client

KNT Creations India Private Limited, a manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter, retailer, and service provider of garden decoration products, took a leap into manufacturing of artificial climbing walls in March 2018. Its firm, KNT Climbing, offers various products such as modular walls, auto belays, klime walls, and climbing holds. Engineered to challenge and entice a new generation of climbers, the firm provides artificial climbing walls as per space and budget requirements.
Prime Objective

Prime Objective

Design logo and website of newly launched firm according to international standards. Prepare Stall panels and pamphlets for international exhibition to ease up the understanding of buyers and stand out among competitors.

What we did

Logo Design

To determine the niche buyers interested in establishing the artificial climbing walls in their premises such as gyms, sports complexes, and others. Designing a logo comprising the name of the client and what it does in a creative manner was a creative challenge in itself. An extensive market research was done to determine their requirements and approach of these clients. The logo was designed based on a wall in the background on which a person was climbing, and a brand name was imprinted on the background wall.

Panels & pamphlets

Panels and pamphlets to be presents at an international conference where buyers and competitors will be present was a challenging task. The creative pamphlets were designed to offer ease in understanding of buyers about the products along with ensuring the designs stand out among the competitors.


Designing a website to present products in an alluring way to attract local and international clients was the objective. Moreover, we determined the structure and search engine optimization requirements of the website. The website was designed to reflect the international standards, welcoming user interface and experience, and attractive look & feel of the product. The website was made SEO-friendly with on-page optimization.


The website received a good feedback as the number of page visits increased. The creative brochures helped in achieving success in presenting its products in a simple yet attractive way during the exhibition.