Meet the Client

Meet the Client

Angriya is India's first Domestic luxury cruise ship that takes travel enthusiasts from Mumbai to Goa and back. Angriya provides luxurious stays and the best in class services and amenities like spas, lounges, bars, infinity pool and restaurants. Experience world-class hospitality aboard Angriya cruise while taking in stunning views of the Arabian Sea and Konkan coast. This is a pioneering venture with a lot of expectations from the whole country.

Prime Objective

This is How it Started

Angriya was searching for the best SEO and social media marketing company in Maharashtra. They found that we need to rework on sentence formations. This was the start of our professional relationship. A series of meetings were conducted for us to get to know each other, match wavelengths, and get up to speed on all the media campaigns. The highlight of the meeting was the honest feedback we provided after thoroughly reviewing each aspect of their digital marketing strategy. There were many problems, but nothing we couldn't overcome.

What we did

Problems Galore Despite Brand Name

To promote the brand, Angriya had created a website to provide information about the cruise and take bookings. Angriya had also heavily invested in print media campaigns and television ad campaigns to create brand awareness and get leads. For Social Media, despite them having a social media presence on all platforms, they needed a stronger following and interactions that could be turned into potential leads. Even the website had a high bounce rate and there was not enough traffic coming to the website which resulted in low online booking numbers. Plus, they needed branding solutions that truly captured the elegance, scale, and grandeur of the cruise ship and the star amenities and services aboard.

Our Battle Plan for SEO

As we delved deeper into the on-page and off-page SEO of Angriya's website, many issues came to the fore. This was going to take some work. SEO is not a quick-fix solution. It is more like a treatment plan that weeds out the issue from the root. We promised to deliver results within 6 months, but significant improvements were delivered in just 3 months. A complete revamp of the Google Adwords strategy was done to include more keywords related to Angriya’s business i.e., national and international cruise and tourism. Strong on-page and off-page activities were conducted. Our relentless and painstaking efforts have ensured all keywords related to Angriya rank on the 1st page of Google. There was a significant increase in traffic to the website through a combination of paid and organic activities. We even continued SEO activities with the same intensity through the pandemic. This resulted in excellent organic traffic so there was no more need for paid activities. The bounce rate was also reduced. Today, the website's SEO health is in perfect shape.

Social Media Marketing & Optimization to the Rescue

A brand like Angriya needed to have a strong social presence, so we got to work on building their social media presence across a wide variety of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We planned, created, and executed social media campaigns to gain followers. It’s easy to get likes, but it’s difficult to get subscribers and followers. This was our main aim and we achieved that for Angriya as subscribers and followers count increased ten-fold by the end of the campaigns. One of the most successful tactics for Angriya’s social media campaign was the use of ‘Influencers’. We teamed up with high-profile influencers known for their take on luxury, travel, tourism, and lifestyle - subjects relevant to Angriya - to create social media campaigns promoting Angriya Cruise. The influencer campaign played a huge role in the overall success of Angriya's social media campaigns.

Branding a Brand

Though we were mainly hired for SEO and SMM, after seeing our design capabilities, they also enlisted our help to bring a few of their current branding solutions up to speed. We helped in designing a few solutions for their interior decor and completely revamped the menus for their onboard restaurants. The designs received positive feedback from the guests of the cruise.


At Kaizen 360 Branding Pvt. Ltd., we don't think of clients as mere clients. We consider them as partners and put in our best efforts for our partners. That's why, even after 1.5 years of campaigns being over, Angriya is still working with Kaizen 360 Branding Pvt. Ltd. We handle their social media channels and website's SEO, and we plan to expand our digital partnership after restrictions are over on travel and tourism. See the following results to know why they are still with us.


No Keywords on 1st Page Organically

Keyword Ranking Before Campaign

More than 30 keywords on 1st page Organically

Keyword Rankings After Campaign

PPC rates at just INR 5 to INR 7

Adwords Campaign

200 visitors per hour

Previous Traffic

1200 visitors per hour

Campaign Traffic

2000 users per day

Daily Organic Traffic


Previous Bounce Rate


Reduced Bounce Rate

Social Media

Increase in Followers & Subscribers