What’s the difference between your logo and your brand?

Jan 28, 2018 — Branding

What’s the difference between your logo and your brand?

A logo and a brand are two words which are used synonymously these days. People often confuse a logo and a brand to be the same things and use it interchangeably which of course is wrong.

Consider this – A logo is just the first impression of a business on the people while a brand is everything that follows the initial stage. These two terms, logo and brand are not one and the same but they have a cohesive relationship with each other when it comes to branding. A logo is not enough to trigger an appreciative or positive response from clients, there need to be other aspects to along with it. For example a global brand like Nike has the swoosh logo which is easily recognized all over the world but that is not all; the logo only triggers the things associated with the brand like their products, commercials or stores. Nike made the swoosh logo, the swoosh logo didn’t make Nike the brand it is today. The logo simply represents an idea about the company but all of the rest comes from the brand. To put in simple terms ‘brand’ is the personality of your business and the ‘logo’ is the visual representation. There is no doubt that both – logo and brand are must-haves for businesses.

Building a good brand identity is such an important aspect of running a successful business in this day and age when everything is digitized. Businesses need to develop their brand identities through the logo and a brand presence and neither element can do it without the other. It takes time, patience and hard work to have an established brand identity. Logo can create a quick association in the consumer’s mind once your brand itself has become established enough. Printing logos on stationary, office supplies or t-shirts does help your brand by making it more visible but it still needs a certain level of boost to go behind it. A logo and a brand must go hand in hand when it comes to making your brand appealing. A good experience with your business will be attached to the brand of your business followed by the logo. It becomes necessary for your logo and brand to establish a connection with each other and become a part of the larger picture of branding.

With Kaizen Design Studio, your business gets a chance to avail the whole package. We give you a logo which will represent an idea about your business and a brand to go along with it. Brand is the experience or a certain perception which is associated with your business and thus, your brand needs to have a strong foundation and build it up from there. We will not only be taking care of the designing but we will can provide services related to the digital aspects of your business like online marketing, social media, search engine optimization etc. We provide customized plans for each client because no two businesses can have the same strategies or requirements. Be assured that the time it takes to establish a brand identity is a process where our clients get full support from us. We take into consideration all aspects of branding into the designing of your logo as well the brand. A brand is a relationship between a business and its audience; a logo can be said to be a projection of this relationship, we help you strengthen these relationships. We make sure there is a connection between your logo, your brand and the perception you want your business to encourage. All these elements related to the branding of your business will be devised deliberately to create a specific kind of perception for your business. We will help in creating a wider branding presence which will explore your vision, values and desired customer perception as a business organization. With an experienced team, enhance your business with our branding services and make the presence of your brand stronger.