What needs to be shot on video shoot day?

Feb 24, 2018 — Corporate Video

What needs to be shot on video shoot day?

Corporate video is an essential part of spreading the word about the identity of the company and what it does. Providing information in a short time helps in spreading awareness with ease to potential clients and customers. The corporate video helps the brand reach a mass audience in short time, appear at higher ranks on search results, and gain popularity. That is why companies have started shooting the corporate videos for corporate branding and standing out of competitors. Either they shoot the video or give a contract to corporate video making companies or branding companies, there are certain steps to be followed. First, the video maker needs to survey the location, write a script based on the survey, and then start filming according to the script. Following are some of the tips on what needs to be shot on the video shoot day for a good corporate video:

Location & Action:

When a video maker is at the location of a shoot, capturing the whole location in wide angle is necessary. If there are manufacturing processes taking place, capturing them through mid-shots and close-ups will be helpful. In addition, if people are working in a company or at the site, taking mid-shots of people, close-ups of faces, and recording specific reactions if needed will be helpful to make a good and informative corporate video.


The corporate video must involve interviews of different employees and management board members working in the company. As people working in corporate may not have an idea of delivering a good interview, it becomes cumbersome for video makers to edit and put only the best footage in the video. For the best interview footage, video maker needs a wide version and a tight version of an interviewee. These two camera angles offer a sufficient footage to edit and present the best version. Interviewers should be recorded while asking a question and nodding when interviewee answers the questions. It enables in breaking the continuous footage of a person answering the question. Moreover, there should be prepared messages to say if the answers do not do the job well. Video makers need to advise people to sound spontaneous. If they sound artificial and scripted, it will not look good for the video.

Product & services along with user shots:

Capturing images of products and videos of services along with users using them are essential for a corporate video to spread awareness about what company does and show user experience. For example, if a company manufactures sarees, the video should contain a model wearing the saree to help clients known how it looks when someone actually wears it. It a company offers payment service, there should be a demo of how easy it is to use the service. There should be plenty of shots of whole products and close-ups to capture the details. While shooting demos or presenting the product, a video maker needs to notice if there is a consistency in shots. Are there any distracting shadows that may spoil the beauty of products? Whether the makeup of models looks good? If the shoot will take multiple days to complete, all the details should be taken into consideration and should be kept consistent with the previous day.

Video makers can also choose to take few shots in slow motion. In addition, taking notes for editor about specific details is necessary while following steps given above. After capturing everything necessary to make a good video, the editor will do the job of cutting unnecessary shots and including vital details to make the corporate video that will be liked & shared along with encouraging clients and investors to be associated with the company. Being one of the leading video production house in Pune and gaining wide experience in creating corporate videos, Kaizen Design Studio helps companies in sharing their message with the world through creative storytelling and enhancing brand awareness.