Web Design – What’s Hot and what’s not

Oct 31, 2017 — Web Design & Development

Web Design – What’s Hot and what’s not

Digital marketing in Pune, and other such major cities is the only industry which keeps on evolving with new trends in the market compared to other industries. The fact of the matter is that digital marketing is growing and it’s not going slowdown anytime soon. Web design trends are also shifting and changing, thanks to digital marketing. If you do not keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the market, you might be caught off-guard. While designing a web in 2017, you may think about previous years trends like “endless scroll” or you may wonder if “flat design” is something you should use or not. But first, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not on web design trends and then decide.



For low quality websites, designers use canned stock photos on their web pages to make it attractive. But in today’s time, many of us who use the web can differentiate the difference between a high quality image and canned stock image. Using canned stock images are fine for blog posts, but not suitable for front page of a website. In certain related situations, the use of canned images can make a website look very cheap. Hence, many websites are now focusing on high quality images which are properly sourced and then added onto the websites.


Breathe Life into Websites – Whatever the year and the trend maybe, you shouldn’t ignore the use of color combination for your website. Combining the best colors enriches the visual experience. Visitors always visit they find it intriguing to their eyes. At the same time, thoughts and ideas of visitors are also affected in positive ways. Your graphic designer must choose the right combination of colors to be used on the website. In 2017, the use of lighter shades is the ongoing trend followed by aby expert graphic designer in Pune.


In order to make a website look lively, adding videos has become mandatory. Many of us, as website viewers, prefer to watch videos rather than just read information provided on the websites. Many businesses with websites are now focusing on adding high-quality videos to grab the attention of visitors, and often influence them to come back to the website. Adding GIFs is a great alternative to videos. They are lighter and easier to load, but they do not have sound.


Illustrations Brings Personality – Illustration brings personality to a website; although it is quite effective, it is still in the form of a beta version. Illustrations helps to plan the design around an image, which makes websites look more eye-catching. With the help of this, it gives your website an edge over your competitors and also makes your website look less “like a blog”. Consider the example of Dropbox. Their homepage consists of simple but very stylish illustrations.


Sudden or big movements can warn us of danger – it’s a result of human evolution. But on the contrary, small movements signifies life. With this concept kept at the back of our mind, websites are adding small features like moving images. Moving images forces viewers to keep themselves engaged while reading some information on their respective homepage. As a result, companies now give less preference to static images and use moving images.


Virtual Reality is one of the hottest discussed topic in 2017. If brought into the market with proper results, VR is going to be the next big thing. Yes, one can agree that many game developers are developing high-end games suitable for VR. But if developers can create features suitable for other domains like marketing, then it will bring a revolutionary change with many benefits. Use of VR will create many outputs having many advantages like incorporating 3-dimensional visual effects. Adding high-quality videos compatible with VR on websites will likely to bring in an interactive aspect to the whole deal.


The use of cinematic background trend was started in 2015. However, with improved technology, they have become popular. One of the biggest advantage of this trend is it allows faster loading times for videos. And with constant improvement in WebGL, the quality of videos websites has become more interactive, giving a more cinematic experience on the web. At the same time, cinematic experience brings life to a page and keeps viewers engaged.


The application of adding games, or game-like elements to encourage participation is called Gamification. The aim of gamification is to increase user engagement and make it fun. In other words, you would always want people to remember your website. Gamification also helps users to learn new languages and provide information in space history.



In the age of 3G, 4G and 5G Internets, if your website still takes time to load, then you might as well shut it down, because the user for sure is going to. Your website needs to load in a jiffy, as we are living in an age of speed and impatience. Your website’s design plays a huge role in it. It is has to be optimally designed, using fast loading images and vectors. It should neat and clean, leaving out clutter, while still providing a good UI and UX. A well designed, fast loading website is what the current trend demands according a web designers in Pune.


According to the latest data, people accessing internet on the mobile devices will surpass the number of people accessing internet on their laptops and desktops. Therefore, every website needs to be mobile responsive, i.e. your website should easily open on a mobile device, without any formatting, design, development, UI and UX issues. Most internet surfing will now be done through smartphones only. Unresponsive designs will spell doom for websites.


Using flash as a design used to be the best option for many websites. Flash, in the earlier days, helped web designers in Pune and other IT cities, to create cool animations and effects which was popular for many viewers. However, companies like Apple ditched flash from all Apple devices and Google started blocking flash on their Chrome browser. There are of course few websites who use flash even today, but that will also be done away with.


JavaScript is used by many business websites to provide additional functionality, and improve overall user experience. Although it provides a lot of cool functions and options, at the same times it takes quite a while to load, hence, we shouldn’t get carried away with JavaScript. But if you really need JavaScript for your business website, you should consider installing every possible plugin, widget and script.


Websites features like color scheme, menu position, or font size make 2 different company websites look the same. Using excessive stock images has become outdated. Nowadays, most web users can easily distinguish the difference between a high-quality image and stock image. This can work against you, if you keep following using stock images. A good tip here is to find a professional to help to create a high-quality images like a graphic designer or brochure designer in Pune. Else if you can’t get a hold of a professional photographer.

Just like in the world of fashion, new trends in web design will come and the current ones will become outdated. Just follow the tips mentioned above and try getting more information on Google, or better yet, hire a good digital marketing company in Pune or web design agency to design your business’ website. They’ll ensure the above mentioned points are adhered to.