Understanding ASO – App Store Optimization for better discoverability

Jan 21, 2019 — ASO, B2C, Digital Marketing, SEO

Understanding ASO – App Store Optimization for better discoverability

ASO or App Store Optimization is a way of making sure that your app meets the app store ranking process and rise to the top of a search result page. But how can your app get optimized for better discoverability in an app store? To give you an idea about ASO better, we are writing this small guide with which, you can understand ASO in a short period of reading.

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To help you boost your app store ranking together with your app marketing strategy, we have noted some of the basic points with whom you will get how ASO actually works.

There are around 1.3 million Android apps in the Google Play Store and 1.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store used by almost 2 billion smartphone users around the globe. And mind it, the number is growing day by day.

These numbers are enormous and staggering especially if you are a developer or an owner of the business with a need for an app. We at Kaizen have developed various techniques to get your app noticed.

First things first, what is App Store Optimization

Just like online marketers use search engine optimization, or SEO, to induce their web pages ranking highly in Google’s search results, app developers should use App Store optimization, or ASO, techniques to urge their app to the highest of app store search results. It’s may be viewed as App Store SEO.

Unfortunately, the true algorithms for ranking in each Apple’s App Store and therefore the Google Play store for Android apps, rather like the true algorithm for SEO, don’t seem to be really known and may change often.

However, we do know that sure things have an effect on your App Store rankings more than others.

By taking advantage of this these App Store optimization tips and implementation from us, your app may rank higher, be seen by more users, and receive more downloads.

Why do you need it?

Unless you are a widely known app (Think WhatsApp, Spotify etc) the chance of somebody that will merely discover your app is sort of none. Unless after all you’ve got a powerful ASO strategy and implement it correctly!

What are the Ranking Factors?

The app stores’ algorithms are still a mystery for even the most skilled app store optimizer. Not a whole mystery though, even though most of the factors are either unknown or immeasurable. However, there are many factors that may be determined with a good quantity of accuracy to work out how they work. Some the more constant metrics that have an effect on ranking are:

  • Total number of downloads
  • Download frequency (downloads/hour)
  • User engagement
  • Keyword relevance
  • Number & value of reviews
  • Update frequency
  • Retention

Why going organic is important for your app?

The term organic comes from nature, you have heard it a million times that organic is best for you once talking about food. it’s no different when talking in terms of app traffic. when users notice things on their own wish, they end up believing that the result, product or service that they found is based on their own decision, a part of their own search process. this is often a hugely important psychological issue that creates ASO the key factor in app marketing.

The irony is that this belief in finding what you have got been searching for, through your own search terms, are the results of a search conditioned by variables and rules of search algorithms. All of these searches will provide us with those specific results. The formula dictates this, not the user.

We all understand that the user desires to find what they consider to be the simplest result, however, even algorithms behave in erratic ways in which and the plan of providing the user with the simplest result is not only romantic however 100 percent hypothetical.

To get the user-centric ASO and SEO services in Pune which will drive more downloads to your app, contact us today!