Top E-Commerce Trends in 2021

Jul 03, 2021 — General, Web Design & Development

Top E-Commerce Trends in 2021

The e-commerce industry has emerged like a phoenix from the ashes over the years! It’s like the e-commerce industry kept reminding itself that ‘One day, I will blossom!’ And it turned exactly the same. In the year 1995, Amazon sold its first book online and that’s how e-commerce platforms came into existence. After a brief lull, e-commerce bounced back again with platforms like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Walmart, and others with extraordinary features and amazing interface. 

With the coronavirus-induced lockdown in place, the e-commerce industry is flourishing more than ever! Many small and large businesses are stepping their feet in the world of e-commerce due to the growing influence on a large chunk of the populace. Offline businesses were the most-affected victims of the lockdown. So, many of them opted to bring their business on e-commerce platforms. If you are planning to venture your business on the e-commerce platform, you need to read this blog right away! 

The demand for e-commerce is magnifying rapidly day-by-day. With great prosperity, comes great responsibility! Change is the law of nature and everyone has to adept to the changing times. Over the years, a plethora of trends has reigned supreme over the e-commerce industry. As people are inclining more towards online shopping, the e-commerce platforms are striving hard for giving the consumers a seamless experience. Some major trends that will rule the year 2021 by website development company in Pune, India are as follows.

Digital Pay is here to stay!

As businesses are stepping up to e-commerce platforms for acquiring a large consumer base, they are also enhancing the method of payments. Earlier, COD (Cash on Delivery) was popular but nowadays, people are more inclined towards digital payment mechanisms. Therefore, strengthening digital pay mechanisms is what we can expect in 2021 as a large chunk is preferring online payments. 

Minimal Design is with what most Platforms Align!

The design has been an integral part of e-commerce platforms. Nowadays, many e-commerce platforms are shedding their skin of tacky and funky designs and embracing a more minimalistic approach. Consumers love an interface that focuses more on the product. Hence, a clutter-free interface etched with minimalism is the new normal for e-commerce platforms!

Micro Animation is the New Obsession!

Tiny animations are attracting great attention from a large chunk of individuals, especially the generation-Z and millennial category. Today’s youth is more connected with moving visuals rather than still images! A simple micro-animation can surely boost the prospects of your e-commerce platform largely.

Subscriptions receiving appreciations!

Subscriptions are making headlines across the e-commerce platforms. You can see the subscription plans being introduced by a variety of e-commerce platforms to increase their loyal consumer base. Top e-commerce players are offering priority services with subscriptions like Amazon Prime. Similarly, a plethora of e-commerce platforms are launching subscriptions with great features to lure a large consumer base.

Chatbots are joining the Dots!  


Smart chatbots are joining the dots of customer satisfaction intensely! A good customer grievances interface is necessary for the success of e-commerce platforms. Chatbots also provide smooth interaction and help in enhancing the user experience on the e-commerce platform. As per the research by Business Insider, more than 80 percent of the businesses are expected to have some type of chatbot automation by 2021. 


E-commerce has come a long way in terms of technological upgrades and design trends. Many trends will come and go but the quality of the interface and smooth functioning of every mechanism will decide the fate of an e-commerce platform. If you follow these trends and design your e-commerce platform accordingly, you will definitely achieve success! 

Whoops! Missed a prominent factor: E-commerce platforms should be made mobile-friendly. Concentrate on these simple factors and voila! You just achieved the milestone of designing the best e-commerce platform!