Things every social media manager should be doing in 2020

Feb 13, 2020 — B2B, B2C, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Things every social media manager should be doing in 2020

A social manager has to do more than just generating leads through social media. S/he has to strive harder for conversions through social media. A digital marketing company does not just need a great social media manager with lead conversion skills but also expects a person who is updated with the current trends of the industry. Every social media manager has to be in sync with the social media trends and also, what s/he can do to apply them correctly. Kaizen Design Studio, a social media marketing agency in Pune has the best social media team that is updated with new advancements in the industry.

Many small errors lead to flawed management. Take this statement as a lesson from 2019 and breathe in some discipline in your daily tasks. Try to improve your performance in 2020 with simple steps. Here are some insights into what every social media manager should be doing in 2020. 

Improve your Social Media advertising

Social Media advertising is vital for any brand’s success. It involves a plethora of procedures such as Setting up ad campaigns, analyzing ad performances, deciding the budget for the campaigns, crafting amazing content for audience engagement and so on. Analyze every step carefully and make sure that social media advertising is executed properly and yields a greater return on investments. 

Automatic scheduling of Social Media posts

With the beginning of a new decade, start a new tradition for increased efficiency! The new decade will be filled with more clients and more posts. Human errors are possible if there is too much social media posting on one’s hands. To improve efficiency, automate your social media posts. There are many automated tools available for scheduling social media posts. Embrace these tools and increase your efficiency. 

Keep a close eye on your competitors

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a detective and constantly keep checking what your competitors are doing! Take some time out of your work and analyze what your competitors are up to. Observe their mistakes, the ideas they implement while posting, the type of posts being created for the same and other factors. This will enable you to improve your efficiency and precision in work. The mistakes your competitors commit can be avoided and the improvements they show can be implemented by you. 

Change your hashtag strategy

Instagram is a hub for using hashtags for attracting an audience related to the specific hashtag. You may have the habit of using all the hashtags relevant to the topic to the limit of 30. This may scatter your audience. Instead of using 30 hashtags at once, use 8-10 hashtags that are perfect for the topic of the post. This will bring a larger niche audience to your brand. 

Social media is busy and overcrowded with a range of content types. In addition to all these improvements in 2020, make sure that you spare time for yourself as well. Without mental pleasures, you can’t expect to perform well! Make it a point to take mental breaks whenever possible. 

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