The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide for 2020

May 13, 2020 — Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide for 2020

Before you decide on finding a reliable influencer marketing agency in Pune go through the following influencer marketing guide to get an idea.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a new type of marketing where a digital marketing reach in Pune or a branding agency in Pune would focus on using the popularity and reach of trending/popular or influencing leaders in the market to convey your brand’s message to the larger audience. 

It means rather than reaching the audience directly, you as a digital marketing agency, would pay market influencers to get your message out in the public in an effective way.

For better effectiveness and more reach, influencer marketing companies run social media marketing or content marketing campaigns simultaneously. This supports the influencer marketing.

Why is influencer marketing important?

Influencer marketing has changed the way people use to buy and companies use to sell.  Many marketers have accepted that they have used influencer marketing in some form or other.

This percentage is likely to go up in the future as influencer marketing becomes more mainstream. Those brands that are not part of this will soon start losing control over the brand. Most of the digital consumers are fed up with online marketing messages.

Influencer marketing is a solution to this ad fatigue and hence has to be considered by organizations and influencer marketing agency in Pune to achieve the following:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase in repeated purchases
  • Maintaining customer loyalty

Top Influencer marketing campaigns to follow:

1. Conduct Giveaways

Marketers use many social media tactics and run multiple campaigns on social media. Out of all these campaigns, giveaway campaigns attract more attention as it brings in mutual benefit and is simple and tempting. Giveaways help in creating the expected brand awareness.

2. Social Media Takeover

As the name suggests, Social media takeover is done to connect with the audience and increase brand exposure. Marketer partners with a social media influencer whose image matches the brand.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another form of partnership where you promote products either onsite or you redirect traffic to your website. When visitors happen to purchase the service/product through the affiliate link, the partner will get paid or rewarded as per the terms of the agreement. And the influencer also earns a commission on the purchase made for leveraging their content and influence. Here, both the parties enjoy a win-win situation.

4. Brand Ambassador Programs

Brand ambassadors are people who are ready to promote your products/services. These people have a market reputation and they patronize your offerings. This is done to take the influencer marketing game a notch up.  A brand ambassador shall share images, posts, videos or any other form of content related to your offerings on a regular basis. Brand ambassador is the core face of your offerings for the decided duration.

How to create the influencer Marketing strategy ?

Before one streamline an influencer marketing solution, one has to know a few facts about it.

1. It’s here to stay

Influencer marketing is not just another trend in the market. It is here to stay. Digital marketers are considering adding influencer marketing in their campaign and strategies.

2. It’s no longer about celebrities

It is a misconception that influencer marketing has to do with celebrities only. It is not so anymore. People trust the product recommended by someone they feel related to, it can be a common man too. Reviews and recommendations still work.

Let us know it step by step and understand how budding and expert influencer marketing agencies in Pune like Kaizen Design Studio are helping their clients to build influencer campaigns:

  • Knowing the audience
  • Setting objectives 
  • Defining success
  • Streamlining the strategies
  • Reach the right kind of influencer
  • Influencer Identification & selection
  • Campaign workflow
  • Monitor & Track
  • Optimized Distribution

Fascinating Influencer Marketing Trends of the year:

  • Influencers will focus more on audio visual content.
  • Introduction to the ‘Computer Generated Imagery’ or CGI influencers.
  • New influencers in town: Your employees.
  • AI will impact influencer marketing and marketing overall.
  • Companies will prefer influencers with similar value systems to get more sustainability in terms of content and reach.


An expert marketing agency would take care of all the things mentioned above and more. Influencer marketing agencies leverage their network and experience to brand your products.