The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

Nov 29, 2019 — B2B, B2C, Branding, Corporate Video, Digital Marketing, General

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

Corporate video marketing has fought its way towards the top, making it one of the vital strategies for promoting a company or brand on social media. Motion graphics also play an important role in promoting corporate videos. If you are longing for a perfect video production company in Pune to promote your business, Kaizen Design Studio is the best option. It has the best team that ensures that every second in the video is engaging and perfect, thus making Kaizen a leader in the field of corporate video production in Pune. Read on to know why video marketing is necessary for your business or brand. 

SEO beneficial

There is little doubt that major search engines love video content and won’t hesitate to rank it higher than traditional articles. According to research, by adding video content to your site, you have a 53% higher chance to end up on the first page of the SERPs. This just goes on to show that quality video content can make a big difference to not only your conversion rate but also the organic search traffic you generate.

Better engagement

Visual content works great when it comes to engaging your target audience. People nowadays like content that’s visually appealing. This isn’t limited to pictures or photos. Video content is proven to be a big part of the visual content movement. The most eye-catching videos are graphic animation videos. If you are looking to create the best graphic animation videos in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio is the perfect pick! The corporate video maker in Pune has a well-experienced team that specializes in the same. 

Better accessibility

There are endless platforms for video marketing. YouTube, broadcast television, video boards, and street marketing, you name it. The possibilities are endless. With a smartphone, consumers can access online video anytime, anywhere. The same is not true with traditional, paper marketing. With video, you can reach your audience wherever they are in a cost-effective way. Gaining a wide experience in creating corporate videos and being the best video production company in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps clients in creating a compelling video to spread brand awareness and connect the audience with the brand.

Appeals directly

Video allows you to make a direct appeal to the emotional center of a person’s brain through music. With video, you are also able to attach a face to a concept. The human connection through video is more influential than reading facts in the text.

Video can also provide social proof for your product or service. When creating video success stories focus on the story of your customer and the success he/she achieved from using your product/service. If you want your video content marketing to deliver results, then you need to take a calculated approach to it. You can’t just blindly play the video marketing game and expect to see returns. You may also want to plan your video content well in advance (create a video content calendar) to make sure you are consistent with timing as well. 

Kaizen Design Studio is a great option for your video creation strategies. Excellent content and mesmerizing graphics will attract the customer base your company craves for! Kaizen Design Studio also prides itself on being one of the top explainer video production company in Pune. Explore Kaizen Design Studio’s website for more information!