The Mantra To Create a Perfect Logo

Jun 05, 2018 — Web Design & Development

The Mantra To Create a Perfect Logo

A logo is the face of a brand. It makes the first impression on customers and it is important to make the first impression a lasting one. It connects with people on a subconscious level and decides what people should think about the brand. Along with creating a brand identity, it is important to make it appealing. The face of entire business must be captivating and create an impression about what the brand is about. Making a wrong impression will create a downfall of the business and not be fruitful to create a sustainable business. On the other hand, a logo that resonates with the true brand image and has a strong recall value will help the business grow. Creating a logo that represents brand identity and connects people emotionally will help businesses stay in the game for a long time. The good news is, there is a mantra with which you can create a perfect logo. Following is the mantra which can help you:

Be appealing:

An unappealing logo will drive people away from the brand and has a low recall value. Understand the target audience and design a logo accordingly that echoes their emotions. If the target audience can relate themselves to the logo, they will opt for the brand. For instance, if Red Bull creates a logo that shows a bull in red color, it will not appeal to its target audience. But its current logo in which bulls in red color are charged toward each other creates an adventurous and energetic identity. So, it appeals to people and they opt for the brand.

Stand out in the crowd:

Creating a memorable logo is essential. The memorable logo will only be created with a unique design. Obvious designs will not make the logo stand in the crowd, which is why creating a unique logo that establishes a unique identity is essential. Avoid clichés and obvious design. Design a logo that catches people’s eyes and stands out among the competitors. This creates a strong recall value and in turn, helps brands grow.

Timeless logos are perfect logos:

Following the trends is a bad idea. Trends change and this fact may affect the brand which created a logo based on the trend. It will wear out the brand identity and the brand will be lost in the clutter. So creating a timeless logo is of an utmost necessity. Logos of Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple are timeless. They are never outdated and have a strong recall value. They are relevant at every age and will be relevant in future.

Be innovative:

Logos should captivate people and need to look fresh. Trendy logos do not stand out among the competitors. Having an innovative design will be beneficial for a company to make a strong impression on people. It is necessary to create trends, rather than following them. Being a trendsetter will attract people more than being a trend chaser.

Simplicity is the best:

Avoiding a clutter and simplifying the design will help people in having a strong recall value. Using the right fonts and colors to convey emotions is important along with appealing people with the right shapes of a logo. It is essential to strike the right balance between font, color, and shape and create a simple design of a logo that conveys a single message. Sending out a clear and single message through the logo will help people in remembering the brand.

Logos are essentially important as it represents what the brand is about and make a definite impression. Taking help of design and branding companies will be beneficial. Being one of the leading branding agency in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps businesses create logos that have strong recall value along with connecting with their customers, creating awareness for the brand, and standing out among competitors.