The difference between $50 logo design and $500 logo design

Sep 03, 2018 — Branding

The difference between $50 logo design and $500 logo design

Designing a logo is about the representation of the brand in the most creative and simplest way. Logo connects people with the brand. Investing appropriate amounts of efforts in designing of the logo is essential for the brand. Taking help of branding agencies to design a logo for the brand is one of the smartest decisions any brand can take as these agencies have a vast amount of experience and they breathe creativity on a daily basis. It is obvious that the logo plays a significant part in creating a brand identity and creates a certain perception about the brand. The next question is whether it will be wise to go with a cheap design or expensive logo design. Whether a $50 design will do the job or $500 needs to be invested despite not having the budget. The main factor that makes the difference in the cost of logo design is the process. The expensive logo designing process is different than a cheap logo designing process. No designer or agency can sit down for straight four or eight hours and come with a logo design depending upon the requirements. The creative process does not work that way.

The first step involves research. It is the most important step as the logos cannot be created from the vacuum. It is essential to see what is going on in the market and then differentiate from competitors. Along with inputs from the client, the designer needs to work on researching. The next step involves deciding the direction of the design. For this, various design concepts need to be created. Based on many concepts, one concept should be chosen and different designs need to be created. These different designs should represent the brand message and values of the client optimally. Then the designs are shown to the client and revisions are made based on feedback. If the client selects one of the designs, multiple color and composition variations can be done. Then the final logo is ready to represent the brand. The process is tedious and creative. This can take up to two to five weeks to complete. This process is followed for expensive logo designs only.

Along with this process, there is another process for high-end designs. This process involves a team of designers working on a logo design. There are advantages to this design process. The more extensive research is conducted. In addition, there will be more concepts and ideas as a number of designers are involved. Design involves the participation of the client as well. As so many people are involved and offering their attention to one design, the costs go up.

On the other hand, a cheap design process involves less or no research. Designers can take inputs, sit down for two or four hours, work on the different combinations, and make a creative logo that represents the client values best. Different processes involve different costs and different logo designs. The output changes with the price.

Another essential factor is the budget of the client. The high-budget will give the best logos with every design step followed thoroughly. The mid-budget design and low-budget design will give the logo with a process suitable to the price. The design process and requirements should be discussed beforehand and it must be ensured that the best practices are followed for your designs. Being one of the leading branding agencies in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps the brand in designing the best logo that represents their brands and devising a branding strategy. Feel free to contact with your requirements and we will serve you to the best of our capabilities.