The Absolute Guide To SEO In 2019

Jul 04, 2019 — B2B, B2C, SEO

The Absolute Guide To SEO In 2019

If anything has changed rapidly along with the internet, there’s one thing: SEO! SEO has gained tremendous momentum over the years and has served as a great medium in promoting various brands and businesses. SEO has been the turning point in changing the fortunes of many. There has been a sea change in the approach of Google towards SEO. In the earlier years, search results depended on the keyword density. But as the years passed by, Google made groundbreaking changes in its algorithms relating to SEO. Now, just keyword stuffing won’t help you in placing your business page on the top rank. There are many other factors that are going to affect your placing on the Google search result rankings. Excellent SEO strategies are the key to achieving these goals. Kaizen Design Studio, an outstanding SEO company in Pune will provide you excellent SEO services that will help your business prosper more!

Want to know more about SEO? Here is the perfect guide for SEO in 2019. These simple SEO techniques will help your website or blog to rank in the top search results. 

URL length matters!

A long URL is the starting of your brand destruction in the SEO market! Never ever use long URLs as search engines hate them. Keep the URL length short and to the point so that the page is optimized properly and your chances of a good ranking on the page increase.

Watch the website loading speed

Slow websites lead people to divert from your website! So, make sure that your webpage is fast loading without any lag. Check out for the Image resolution and size if you are facing such problems.

Beware of plagiarism!

Be aware of the fact always that Google ranking runs far away from plagiarised content! It does not like confusion. If the content of two websites is the same, the Google ranking parameters get confused and avoid you from climbing the ladder of the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

The user should be content with the content!

The key to achieving SEO goals is great content. Great content does not mean flowery words and superlative adjectives! It means that your content should focus on what has been searched by the user and do you provide the perfect answer to his search. Thus, even if the content is minimal and simple, it should clear the doubt of the reader. Hence, always keep a check on the content and examine whether the content is appealing or not.

Apt keyword research is a must!

Most searched keywords related to your business or brand are vital to let the user reach your website. Proper keyword research and inserting them in your website, blog or write up as and where required can serve as a great booster for your search result ranking. Kaizen Design Studio, one of the best SEO companies in Pune, will power your business with fabulous SEO techniques which will help you to rank among the top search results! 


  • Always include your keyword in the URL so it helps Google to identify that your website belongs to a particular category in which your business or brand drops in. 
  • The main keyword of your website or blog should be present in the first 50-100 words of the blog so that Google does not have to take much effort to find your blog or website and rank it as per its standards.
  • Also, optimize the local SEO as your business needs to be known in the vicinity of your area. According to a recent survey, 97% of users who search for local SEO will visit the business they decide in the next 24 hours. 

SEO can make your business reach heights of success once you get in the top Google search results but to reach the top of the Google pyramid, you have to build a good website or blog with proper keywords and excellent content. If you want your website or blog to be top ranked, just visit Kaizen Design Studio! Kaizen Design Studio provides the best SEO services in Pune. The in-house experienced staff can guide you on SEO in the best way possible!