SERP Clicks

Mar 02, 2018 — PPC, SEO

SERP Clicks

So, you’ve hired one of the best PPC companies in Pune, India, and have started your online campaigns, but the right clicks aren’t just coming through? Then you start pumping more money into your campaigns, but the result is still not the one you want? Well, the whole digital marketing world is seeing a shift. Here’s what’s really happening and what you need to do to ensure your digital marketing campaigns get the right results.

First, we need to understand what SERP is

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is the pages that carry the links that appear on the search engine after you’ve searched for something. The technical term for what your search is ‘keywords’, and in layman term, it is referred to as ‘query’. Now, on the page, you will see a mix of paid links and organic links. The paid links, as you may know, are the result of PPC campaigns. Therefore, getting here is not difficult. The organic links are the links of pages that are most relevant to the search according to the algorithms. These can be different according to your search engine, location, user behavior, social media settings and other factors.

So, what’s really happening to your campaigns?

Today’s internet user is more informed and updated about digital marketing. They avoid clicking on the sponsored links, as they know these links are paid for. This is the main reason why your campaigns may not be working. Here are some stats to support this fact.
• Only 10% of people click on the sponsored ads – this means that 90% of the people skip the ads, and only click on the links that are listed below (sponsored links appear on top and are marked as sponsored).
• Only 1% of the search engine users go on to the second page of the search results. So, getting on the first page is important.
• 33% of the people click on the first organic link on the SERP.
The conclusion is that people do not trust the sponsored ads that much. They prefer the organic links, and they only click on links that appear on the first page. This also shows that SEO has a lot of importance if you want your digital marketing campaigns to succeed. Those days of pumping in money and getting clicks are going away. However, all hope isn’t lost…

PPC Marketing is still relevant

Though the onus is a SEO and content for modern marketing campaigns to work, PPC campaigns are still quite relevant. Here’s what data has to say:-
• People who click on sponsored links are 50% more likely to make a purchase from the website.
• Brand awareness increases 80% through search ad advertising.
• PPC advertising is more beneficial when done on a local level.
• In countries where digital marketing is still developing, PPC campaigns are still the better bet than SEO.

Three-pronged Strategy

The number 3 seems to have a lot of significance in most cultures, so, why should digital marketing be different. The three-pronged strategy you need to apply is that you invest in all three – content, SEO and PPC. You can find all these digital marketing services in Pune, as the city is a hub for digital marketing in Asia.
• Content –
‘Content is King’ is probably the most used term in digital marketing, and that is for a reason. It truly is the king. Content is not only the written word, it also includes designs, creative’s, presentations, videos, etc. Together, they are tools that keep potential buyers on your website or similar platforms, and also make sales. Content is your silent salesman. Therefore, first invest in good, original and relevant content creators, and the rest will fall in place.
• SEO –
As we have seen from the above mentioned statistics, SEO is gaining momentum, especially in a scenario where people understand how digital marketing works. This is a sustained activity which takes time and patience. But once the SEO activities pay off, they will substantially reduce dependency on paid campaigns.
• PPC –
Depending on the geographical location of your target audience, you can use PPC campaigns as the main part of your digital strategy, or as support. Either way, PPC should be a part of your strategy to complete the three-pronged strategy. You should hire a professional Pay Per Click marketing company in Pune, who will strategize and execute campaigns on your behalf.

Hopefully, now you understand that what matters when it comes to SERP clicks. PPC companies in Pune too will recommend a strategy that is a balance of the various marketing tools available. Just being on the SERP is not going to ensure you get business, you have to look at other factors as well that will get the much desired click and later on, sales.