Jul 22, 2018 — PPC, SEO


Before selecting from any of the SEO companies in Pune, you need to consider PPC as well. SEO (Search Engine Optimization or organic search results) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two of the most important marketing channels for any business that has a website. So the question arises. Is SEO better than PPC? Or vice versa? Well, that mostly depends on a company’s goals. There are many questions like is the company selling a new product or a service? Is the company well-known in a particular industry? Is there going to be any barrier to a company’s product? (Along with more factors). Let’s analyze some key points.

So, is SEO better than PPC?

It depends. Search Engine Optimization should be included in order to have a web-marketing strategy. The key advantage of SEO is that it brings a good quality traffic leads. Many users tend not to click on “Paid Ads” unless it gives rise to user inquisitiveness. If your search results are displayed on the first page, it literally means that you are a trustworthy source. Plus, if there are other sites which have links to your website, then visitors will more likely trust your business, and your products and services. However, note that SEO comes at a cost. No matter how you look at it, whether if it’s your own time or hiring from SEO agencies in Pune to manage your SEO strategy, it will come at a reasonable cost.

Should PPC be ignored then?

Don’t ignore PPC marketing just yet. There are quite a few advantages of PPC over SEO. If a campaign is done correctly, one can get significant returns based on your investment. The main advantage of PPC is that it drives instant traffic to a website. Example, if one has a limited budget then it is recommended to use PPC as it is more likely to net conversions in the short-term. Another advantage of PPC is that PPC has the ability to advertise on other sites that have more traffic that suits a buyers personality with relevant information. So, the chances of your ad being clicked upon by a buyer are more, if the information is relevant and the campaign has been structured properly.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO and PPC are both part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is a service offered by many SEO companies in Pune use as part of Internet Marketing Campaigns. We look at other major differences between SEO and PPC based on some parameters like position in search results, cost, traffic potential, and ease of use.

Search Results (Organic Traffic vs Paid Search Advertising)-

When you search on a search engine, you will find that PPC ads will be above the organic results. The appearance of an Ad depends on a few factors like keywords you are targeting, keywords in a landing page and many more. And for Organic Results, it will mainly appear in the middle of the page. The listing appeared will depend on how optimized a website is related to on-site and off-site SEO.
In short,
If a website is well optimized for search engine, then that website will get first-page position.

You can get your ad on the first page by paying a higher cost per click (CPC).

Cost –
Cost also plays a major role in terms of how much revenue it is going to generate. SEO traffic is fairly free and PPC will cost. However, one should understand that it needs time and hard work to get free traffic from search engines. In SEO, for any keyword, the competition is high, and you should have a high-quality website and a good SEO plan in order to get into the top 5 positions. The cost is indirect and you cannot pay to get to the first page, but you may have to pay SEO agencies in Pune for their services. So, if you are new to search engines it is better to hire an SEO expert to do the work for you. On the other hand, the cost for PPC depends on other factors. Like in the case of Google Adwords. It is the most popular system used for PPC. It depends on keywords search volume, the particular keyword used by advertisers, number of websites that have ad positions for that particular keyword, and more. The best part of PPC is that you only pay for the clicks your ad receives and not for the views.

Traffic Potential –
Which one brings more traffic to a website, SEO or PPC? It is SEO (Organic traffic) which brings more traffic compared to PPC traffic provided that you can manage to rank your website on the first page. This ranking is based on the keywords used in order to get more traffic rather than paying for those keywords. So, if your website is ranking on the first page of the search engine, then you can expect more traffic without having to pay anything. While on the other hand, if you find difficulties getting your keyword on the first page, then paying for your website’s traffic may be the only option as 2nd or 3rd-page positions will bring very little traffic.

Ease of use –
Although it sounds simple to understand the theory between the two, SEO nor PPC is actually easy to use if you do not have the knowledge and experience. The process of SEO takes a lot of time and effort. It may take months or even years to rank for specific terms or not rank at all. On the other hand, to get good results with PPC or Adwords you may have to take a course or hire a PPC marketing professional to help you. Otherwise, you will lose quite a lot of money before you understand how it works.


So is SEO better than PPC? Or vice versa. Again, it depends. It is always good to start SEO first and then use PPC to lead people to your site, as SEO would make the site more visible during searches even though the user may not click on the site link, it may make him more aware of the site. Then PPC would help in leading users to see your site content based on the add graphics, or words which in turn would make your site more reliable. Therefore, get in touch with good SEO companies in Pune for the best internet marketing campaigns.