SEO Techniques in 2019 that Helps to Rank Your Website Higher in SERP

Apr 22, 2019 — Digital Marketing, SEO

SEO Techniques in 2019 that Helps to Rank Your Website Higher in SERP

SEO is an amazing tool that helps many users find the exact information they are looking for on a website. It helps companies to rank well on the search results helping them offer various products and services to the consumers online. There are 2 important factors SEO depends on – Ranking and Visibility. The ranking is all about putting the web page in SERPs determined by search engines. While Visibility is all about the popularity of domains search on search engines. It’s 2019 and if you’re new to SEO and would want to rank well then follow these SEO techniques or trends.

Understanding Your Audience and their Intent

When it comes to building a few SEO strategies, understanding your audience is important. This is important because every audience has their own set of preference. For example, a few online users prefer a text while others prefer audios, videos or even an image. These set of preferences must not be ignored especially when you want to rank well in SEO.

Consider Mobile Devices

With phone companies launching faster phones every year, the world is going to get hooked on to their phones for the most period. And that’s why mobile optimization is important when you’re stepping into the world of SEO. You can do this by launching a website for mobile devices and checking the speed of the loading time. If the speed is slow then you need to optimize it in a way where mobile consumers will appreciate using your website on their devices.

Understanding the Art of how Users Search

Keywords are an integral part of SEO. Using the right kind of keywords makes your website rank well on the search results. However, SEO has now shifted its focus on search intent. This is because searching for content on the web has become dynamic and depending on assuming keywords has drastically gone down.

Go Beyond Google Search

Experts have predicted that Google’s Search engine dominance could be taken over by other search engines. This is because not everyone will be using the same search engine or the same device. For example – if a user searches for an app, then the app needs to rank well on the various app stores. As for videos, the same principle applies. Therefore, it is more than just ranking well for your website.

Keywords are not Everything in SEO

If you’re an SEO company in Pune or any other part of India, then you must know by now that keywords are not the sole thing to consider. Of course, choosing the right keyword is important to rank well on the search engines result page. But, you need to consider your audience as well. Having great content is fine as long as the reader stays engaged with the content. A quality and relevance content will, later on, help you to add keywords in order for your website to rank well in the SERPs and increase your traffic.

Invest in Technical SEO

Since technology is advancing so is the complexity of a website. And that is why many companies will be focusing on investing majorly on the technical side of SEO. SEOs major focus on the technical side includes the following.

  • Speed – Google will be rewarding sites more than once for the faster speed of a particular website.
  • JavaScript – Every year websites will depend more and more on JavaScript. This is the perfect time for you to grasp some basic knowledge as other search engines will likely be using more of this language.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) –In 2019, you need to seriously consider how your website is going to run and perform for the users on PWA.

Keep Updated

If you’re working as a freelancer or working for a company that provides SEO services, you have to keep up with the latest trends and algorithm changes made for the SEO. Beginner or professional, you cannot ignore the latest news and updates brought for Search Engine Optimization.

Do not Ignore UX

User experience is an important factor to consider when you’re doing Search Engine Optimization. Your main objective is to make sure your users are having the best experience while visiting your website. Great content is fine as long as your users remain hooked on to your website. For example – If you have an awesome post but isn’t optimized for a mobile device, then the users will straightway ignore your post. Your SEO success is all about having great content and providing the best experience for your users.

Start Focusing on Voice Search

Voice search will be given more preference where SEO will be adapting to it by 2019 and 2020. Consumers now prefer to use voice search instead of a text search for longer queries or questions. This means, based on the voice search intent SEO will also have to adapt to this newer form of the trend. Understanding the correct keywords will help you to measure the success rate of your SEO strategy. If you’re an SEO service provider, then you need to understand the differences between a voice search and text search.

SEO has come a long way and it going to grow even more for the better in the future. If you’re an SEO services company in Pune, then you need to understand these new improved trends that will help you serve your client in the best possible manner.