SEO Company or SEO specialist: Whom Should I Hire?

Jan 06, 2018 — SEO

SEO Company or SEO specialist: Whom Should I Hire?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important marketing strategies to generate website traffic and online sales. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have been marred by fake news and data breaches. Moreover, people are spending less time on them. So, appearing on first few pages in search results have become one of the necessities for online businesses. To achieve this goal, optimizing web page to appear on first few pages is important. The next question is whether to hire an SEO company or an SEO specialist. Though both of them have pros and cons, advantages of SEO company outweighs that of SEO specialist. Following are some of the reasons why to hire an SEO company:

Manpower with knowledge:

Once you hire an SEO firm, there is manpower with extensive knowledge. The combined knowledge of few outweighs knowledge of a specialist. Moreover, hiring a firm saves you days of hiring process, sorting through resumes, and interviewing. If you are not knowledgeable about SEO, how will you determine who is the best person for the job? An SEO firms have manpower that have knowledge with which they can optimize ranking, devise strategy, and resolve issues.

Proven expertise:

An SEO company has case studies and track of previous projects they have undertaken, challenges, and solutions on them. With that expertise, these companies can take your campaigns ahead by deploying proven online marketing techniques. Moreover, they invest in research, testing techniques, and attending SEO conferences to keep knowledge of their employees updated.

Collaborative efforts:

Putting all your eggs in one basket may be the biggest risks you can take with online marketing by hiring a specialist. When you hire an SEO firm, your project is seen from many perspectives as there are dozens of specialists in the firm. Moreover, the campaign is managed and monitored by managers, VPs, and directors. Without different perspectives to your project and lack of expertise can be harmful for your SEO for short as well as long term.

Result driven:

SEO firms take a lot of efforts to keep you as a client. This motivates them to increase productivity and provide results. These firms track all the progress through analytics, ranking, and overall return on investment. Moreover, you can have a look at previous clients and track their success. If you are not getting results or quality of their work does not match what was promised, you can fire them. To prevent from getting fired, they will take extra efforts to deliver results.

Cheaper services:

You can pay an SEO firm on monthly basis or pay only for their services. Hiring an SEO specialist can be expensive as you need to scale up their salary based on experience and expectations to hire the right person for the job. Moreover, there are benefits, pay raises, and bonuses that need to be included. Moreover, SEO teams can be long time partners and SEO specialists can switch jobs if they are getting pay raises in another company. Again, the cost and time are incurred in hiring a new specialist. Whenever you are hiring an SEO firm, ensure the firm is reputable, experienced, and successful in helping clients achieve results. Kaizen Design Studio is one of Digital Marketing Company in Pune, helping clients optimize SEO ranking and generate website traffic, drive sales, and have high conversion rates. It always strives to cater demands of clients and help them gain expected results.