Restaurant branding through videos: More Info in Less Time

Jul 04, 2018 — Branding, Corporate Video

Restaurant branding through videos: More Info in Less Time

Branding a restaurant is one of the best challenging assignments you can ever embark upon. Because it is not only about selling their dishes and showing how beautiful ambiance is. It is about knowing what are their unique selling points, determining their bestseller dishes, and conveying how it adds value to people’s lives instead of only serving food. When restaurants choose to brand themselves through videos, branding agencies cannot only focus on one angle to make sure people would love the restaurant and want to go there on the first opportunity they get. It is about conveying the entire story of the restaurant. Following are the angles through which videos can be made and message can be conveyed:

Cooking tutorials:

Though the recipes and taste of food are what makes restaurant unique, sharing some of the recipes will not undermine the value of the restaurant. It will build trust and show how cooking is done. Moreover, the recipe content is shared easily. So, it will give more exposure to the restaurant and increase the footfall.


Conveying the history of the restaurants along with how founders struggled to build the restaurant that they once dreamed would help people in relating themselves to the restaurant owners and founders. This will create a good bond with the entire brand. Moreover, customers who have been visiting the restaurant from the start can be interviewed. This is one of the best ways to connect with people and show how you value your customers. This will help in connecting people for a long term.

Tour of restaurant:

Customers love to see how the restaurant works, its ambiance, and what happens in the kitchen. Once you show action scenes such as a busy night with orders pouring in and chefs preparing various dishes with skill and caution without compromising the taste or quality of food, it would create an interest among viewers to experience the food and hospitality. Moreover, showing how people are enjoying themselves while indulged in conversations along with great food would help people in seeing themselves in those people and visit the restaurant.

Interview with team members & chefs:

Sharing life stories of people working there would be a great way to connect potential customers with the staff. Moreover, they can share their experiences working at the restaurant and how it helped them in getting exposure and hands-on experience. Showing their courteousness and helpful nature while interacting with customers will indicate hospitality.

Giving back to the community:

If the restaurant owners do any charities or help local community centers, it needs to be shown in a video. If they give back some percentage of their profits in a non-profit organization, it shows the restaurant does not only care about business but also the community. This sense of responsibility is likable and people would visit a restaurant with a sense of contribution toward the community.

While branding a restaurant, it should not be depicted as something that only sells food. Every aspect including social responsibility should be conveyed. Being one of the leading branding agencies in Pune and gaining wide experience in branding through videos, Kaizen Design Studio helps restaurants to brand themselves through innovative storytelling and videos.