Reach the Right Audience through a corporate video

Aug 18, 2017 — Corporate Video

Reach the Right Audience through a corporate video

Pune is becoming the hub for corporate videos. Owing to demand, you can now easily find a good corporate video production company in Pune. The keyword here is good. With good, there’s also bad and ugly. So, make sure you are hiring the right corporate video production company who will help you reach your audience in the fastest growing form of communication – video.

Videos are a great way to grab attention. We are a moving into a world where visual communication is best way to get your communication across. Videos are now an integral part of everyday life. Even social media sites are pushing videos. Just run through your Facebook timeline through your phone, and you will find a large number of sponsored video posts. Video communication and campaigning is the future. Videos can be used for –

Corporate videos have multiple uses. You can use them as training videos, brand stories, product promotions, new launches, service updates, etc. There’s a lot you can do and say through corporate videos. Corporate videos are also a mark of a professional company. The best companies invest a lot in video content, and make great use of these videos through their marketing and advertising channels.

First and foremost, you need to set your goals from video production. Then, you’ll need the right corporate video company in Pune who can do justice to your end goals. These videos also need to be of high quality. In the age of 4K and Ultra HD, 2D and 3D animation, etc., your ads need to be of the highest quality. They need to be well written, produced, and edited. Consumers are now used to high quality videos, and anything lesser might be ignored.

Videos are quite hot on social media. According to studies, people are more likely to read and share a video they like than an article or blog. This has also prompted social media platforms to give more precedence to videos posts. Most businesses today also have their own YouTube channels, where they can upload and promote their videos. Other social media platforms also allow you to promote these videos directly from the source. This shows that social media platforms have consciously decided to push videos. Therefore, if you wish to incorporate social media marketing into your marketing, you need to have videos to upload.

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, where pictures and videos are the main form of communication, is another reason why video production has become all the more important. Video sharing is also quite easy, and hassle-free, thanks to sites like Vimeo, Daily Motion and YouTube. The embedded codes provided by them simply have to be copied and pasted.

Videos for advertising set alarm bells ringing as, you may think of expensive commercials you see on television. This is not the case. Any corporate video production company in Pune can make a good video for you, and once you promote it online, you can have a better reach than television. Remember, television is limited to only a certain section of audience, and viewership is limited. If you want a higher viewership, you will have to pay more. Whereas, through the internet, you can easily target and reach potential customers. You will also get measurable data when you do video campaigns. This data will help you decide future campaigns.

Videos also help a lot in marketing. Your marketing personnel can use videos to show demos of products and services. Research shows that videos are far more effective than instruction manuals. These videos can also be used for digital marketing. There’s a paradigm shift taking place in digital marketing, and as mentioned above, videos are getting more eyeballs. So, short, catchy, creative videos will help your business a lot. There are social media platforms just dedicated to video, so, you can campaign on such sites, and gather good leads for your business.

As much as content plays an important role in marketing, video is now taking its place. After research in countries where people use a lot of social media, it has been found that people do not want to read a lot. They would much rather watch a video online. Why?

• Videos interact on a more intimate level. They engage more senses than content. Plus, moving images stimulate the brain more. We live in a world with short attention spans, so, a video is the better way to catch attention.
• Wonder why people prefer to see the movie than read the book? Because it is easier to remember. Our brain stores visual data better than textual data. So, it is easy to remember a product if you see a visual image (this is also a reason why companies create brand logos, rather than just text).
• In a video, you can say and show more in a short amount of time than with written content. This is one of the main reasons why communication is shifting towards video.
• Though written content is cheaper, video content prices are coming down. Companies can now choose a good corporate video company in Pune at who will do their work on a reasonable budget. And, in the long run, videos will bring in more business.

A good corporate video production company in Pune will explain to you all the processes involved in making the video. You can stay in the loop and understand the making process. You can also ask them to collaborate with your digital marketer, so together, they can strategize and make optimal videos. Or better yet, you can simply look for an agency which provides corporate video and digital marketing services. This way, you can get better deals, and they will make videos that can be used well across your digital marketing channels. Therefore, don’t wait anymore. Take the corporate vide plunge.