The power of corporate videos on social media

Jun 28, 2019 — B2B, Corporate Video, Digital Marketing

The power of corporate videos on social media

The world of business has grown innumerably all over the globe. Various marketing strategies and types have evolved over the years as technology evolved. Every business should be updated with the latest marketing strategy in order to compete with their rival company as it is important to note that if they are ahead in updating their marketing strategies, they will surely attract a good amount of customers to their base because they are ahead in terms of the latest marketing trends that people prefer. 

If we think of the latest trends in the marketing arena, Corporate videos are one of the trending tools for marketing. This type of strategy has gathered momentum due to its quick description and visually pleasing factor. A person does not have much time to read long descriptions of your brand. Everyone wants information that is short and attractive at the same time. 

Corporate videos help you to avail the benefits of short content in an attractive manner. A good corporate video is key to a larger audience reach. If you want to grow your business, a good corporate video maker is vital. If you are looking for a good corporate video production company in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio is a leading advertising brand which specializes in corporate video marketing and can provide you the best strategies for your company to evolve in a prospering brand!

A good corporate video has many amazing advantages that can help you grow your business. Read on to know more about the advantages of corporate videos and the different techniques to prepare the perfect video.


Trust booster

Videos help to build trust among your targeted audience as you show the products or services offered by your brand live on the video. It encourages a person to trust in your brand as he practically sees every aspect of your company or business. According to a survey, about 57% of people admit that videos boost the trust quotient in the product. 

Connecting people

Videos are a great means of connecting your product or service to your targeted audience as a person has an emotional reaction to the video than any other means of marketing tools. People are more attracted to a specific product or service when they view it live and the working of the product or service lures them to buy. Corporate videos are a powerful opportunity for businesses to boost their sales. A recent study found out that a whopping 144% of people are more attracted to a product or service after they view them through a marketing video

Video trend, Google’s friend!

 Google is the best friend of corporate videos as it can help your business to crop up on the top of search preferences on Google. Websites having videos are 53 times more likely to pop up on the top search results page. But why is Google so fond of videos? The answer is simple: Watching videos means a user spends more time on your website which is one of the prerequisites of Google Ranking factors. 



Over 8 billion videos are uploaded on Facebook every day and it is prioritizing video-based content these days. So, it’s a great option to upload your marketing video on Facebook. Just make sure that you upload the video directly and not just post the link of the video as it may not lure many of the users to open the link and view the video.


Instagram has emerged as one of the most impactful social media platforms over the years. Videos can play a great role in attracting prospective buyers on Instagram. Short 60 sec videos can help you garner more views for your marketing video. Hashtags on Instagram can help you to optimize your marketing campaign


The micro-blogging platform also has tremendous potential for magnetization of users through videos. The length of the videos matters here. A 15-30 sec video is perfect for Twitter. Also, research has proved that a video on Twitter is 2 times more memorable than other social media platforms.

A corporate video is a powerful medium to attract a strong consumer base for your business or brand. A good corporate video maker can enhance the chances of increasing your business. Kaizen Design Studio has the best solutions for corporate video marketing in Pune. It also has the best in-house corporate video makers in Pune who create the best videos in order to rocket your business sales!