Paid social media campaigns: Factors to consider to reaching audience

Aug 16, 2018 — Social Media Marketing

Paid social media campaigns: Factors to consider to reaching audience

Social media has become an effective way to reach the target audience, promote the company’s products & services, and gain profits. According to the report of GlobalWebIndex, nearly 93% of users have at least one social media account. The challenge is to reach the maximum of the target audience. The organic reach of posts has been declining with complex and varying algorithms of the leading social media companies. But this does not mean you should ignore social media campaigning and advertising altogether. Paid social media campaigns have come to the rescue. Every major social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and others have made paid campaigns available. They can reap great benefits when done right. So, the focus should be on running the paid social media campaign with consideration of all necessary factors. Following are some of the influencing factors to reach maximum users who fit the criteria of your ideal buyer persona:

Purpose of the campaign:

Be clear about what purpose your campaign serves. Define what your company wants to achieve through the campaign. Are you trying to entice buyers to buy your products, or you just want to raise awareness about the products. This will change your approach and communication. This will also lead to the selection of the proper ad format and the budget. The message you send is dependent upon the purpose. The strategies of campaigns will be decided accordingly.


Based on the purpose of the campaign, decide the content and creative designs to be posted on the ads. This will also give the voice of your brand, so ensure it is conveying what your brand represents. At the same time, ensure your communication stands out from the crowd. Only captivating designs and copy captures the attention of people in few seconds the post appears before users. Make the communication based on a consideration of these factors. This will also create your brand identity.

Ad formats:

The formats for advertising vary depending upon the platforms. These formats have been updated frequently, so staying updated about the ad formats is essential. Based on the objective of the ad campaign, ad types and bid types can be selected. If the purpose is to widen the reach, sponsored posts type of ad can be selected along with bid type of cost per thousand (CPM). On the other hand, if driving traffic to a website is the aim, link ads should be posted and bid type of cost per click (CPC) should be selected. If lead generation is the objective, sign up or form filling ads should be posted and cost per acquisition (CPA) should be selected.

Ways to target:

As the algorithms are getting complex day by day as social media platforms offer different tools for marketers, there are many options available to the target audience. Demographics include information such as gender and age. Behavior includes device usage, purchase behavior, links visited, and others. Interests include hobbies they have listed or pages they have liked, and ads previously checked. There are more options available such as location, custom audience, and others. Marketers should consider how they will gain maximum benefit and select the options accordingly.


While deciding to time to post the ad, certain things such as season, trends, competitor activity, and recent events should be considered. If mango-based products are advertised in a winter season, it will not be fruitful. Similarly, if greeting cards are sold, cards related to the festival or season should be promoted. Moreover, if ads are appearing next to horrific news, it may turn users away. So placement after appropriate posts should be considered. It is also important to be flexible about putting an end to the campaign if it becomes irrelevant.

Paid social media campaigns add value to the business when they are strategized and executed well. There are many social media platforms are available. Selecting the appropriate platform is also essential. Being one of the leading social media marketing companies in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps clients in conducting successful ad campaigns.