Online Reputation Management – What to do & What not to do

Oct 21, 2017 — General

Online Reputation Management – What to do & What not to do

Let’s first know the definition of ORM. Online Reputation Management is the management of a company’s reputation on the internet. This is done by any good digital marketing agency or SEO company in Pune. ORM is about influencing what people are talking about your business online. It is about improving or restoring the brand.

Many of us realise the importance of ORM only after something bad happens. Rather than waiting for such a situation, here are a few ideas on Don’ts and Dos of ORM.

Lets start with the Don’ts

1. Don’t Ignore Social Media –

Social media is the place where people come to vent. So, this is the perfect place where you can actually win over a disappointed client. The person who complains over social platform is considered to be a ‘On-Stage Hater’, because there is a good chance they are not really looking for a solution, but just want to complain online, and get attention. However, through good ORM, you can address such issues and win over the complainant. This in turn will win you many more potential customers, who will be influenced by the interaction. Also, irrespective of the fact that your business is B2B or B2C, you need to have a social media presence. B2C customers actually use to social media to get their complaints heard. They also use these platforms to praise and propagate their favourite brands. In the case of B2B brands, their following, the likes, shares, retweets, comments, etc. on their marketing posts are a parameter for their online reputation. Therefore, regarding ORM, businesses have to be available online on all platforms.

2. Don’t Panic About Negative Reviews –

Sometimes, on seeing negative reviews, bosses hit the panic button and get on their employees heads. No need to do that.. If you are online, you are definitely going to receive negative criticism, but you can use to your advantage. Treat the review as genuine and resolve it. Notify the reviewer that you have resolved the issue. Also, when there are a few negative reviews about your business, your business comes across as genuine, and your does not use fake positive reviews. In time, the negative review will be pushed down by positive reviews, never to be found again.

3. Don’t Pay for Reviews –

It is surprising how many actually do this. Many businesses hire people to write positive reviews about them. But genuine users can see through the paid reviews, and call out the reviewers on the same platform. This backfires and creates and even worse impression about the business. Some people also use bots that keep churning out automated reviews. These again are easily caught and wil damage to your business’ online reputation. Therefore, avoid paid reviews. Any social media marketing company in Pune will also strongly suggest against using such strategies.

4. Don’t Attack or Troll Any Customer Online –

The digital world is a book where anything written once finds a permanent place. Never forget this. Therefore, no matter how right you are or angry you are, do not attack or troll any customer you are interaction with. In the heat of the moment., you may say something that you will regret later on. Potential customer will see this and get a negative impression of your business. Even if you manage to delete the conversation, people can still take screen shots before you delete it. Plus, there is an unhealthy trend emerging of a company accounts trolling customers online, but they are doing more damage. Always be polite to your customer and do not get into a fight.

5. Don’t Forget to Revert –

Today, most review and social media sites track how fast you revert to complaints, queries and enquiries, and they rate your page accordingly. The faster your response rate is, the better. This way, your online platforms also become your customer relationship management tools. Even if there is not much to write back, a simple ‘Thank You’ will do a world of good.

Now the Do’s

1. Do be Available on Review Sites –

If you are not available on review sites with your business’ official page, where will people come to review your product and services? Or worse, someone will open up a page of using your business’s name and operate the page. They can really damage the name of your company. Therefore, you need to have a page on all review site, especially on Google. Google Business and similar website also provides many additional features and services that will actually help in your digital marketing strategies.

2. Do Ask for Reviews –

Most B2B customers are happy to leave positive reviews or comments provided they are happy with your service. Hence, a your marketing strategy should always include proactive online reputation management. Your employees should always proactively ask customers to leave a positive review online. But you have to make it convenient for them by sending them a links to several review platforms. Considerable number of B2C customers also like leaving comments and reviews on their own, make it a point to ask, and provide link.

3. Do Advertise Good Achievements –

If something good is going on with your business, be sure to tell your existing and potential customers. In a B2B environment, this is best done to emails and newsletters. But be sure not to spam them. In a B2C environment, social media is the best way to do it. But be sure not to be boastful and arrogant. Just like the bad stuff, people also remeber the good stuff.

4. Do Hire a Professional Team or Consultants –

ORM can be a minefield, if you and your resources are adept at it, go ahead. But it doesn’t hurt to have a professional consultant look at your ORM strategies. And if you are having trouble managing it on your own, hire a professional agency to do it. Such agencies will make and implement sound ORM strategies after thoroughly researching your company’s online reputation.

5. Do Be a Good Business –

The first and foremost requirements for success is to be a good business. Therefore, ensure you have good products and services, and after-sales services. This will put your business on the fasttrack to success. Plus, it will automatically ensure you have a good reputation online.

6. Do Treat Your Employees with Respect –

It is not just your customers, your employees and former employees too have platforms to post reviews and comments. In fact, how you are as an employer plays a huge role in overall ORM. Therefore, make sure your employees are happy with you and that they are well-respected.

Many digital marketing companies in Pune have a handful of tools and information for online reputation management to manage your work efficiently and increase the number of positive reviews from clients. However, there are plenty of online reputation management firms who do not follow the right practices, so, choose carefully. ORM is the need of the hour, and it better to invest time and money at the early stages.