Mistakes To Avoid While Link Building

Dec 01, 2017 — SEO

Mistakes To Avoid While Link Building

Link building strategy is a good way to draw traffic with the help of already established sites. However, it can backfire rather than doing well if not executed properly. In order to improve the ranking for a long-term, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach and avoid certain link building tactics. Link building plays a vital part in search engine optimization (SEO), specifically in off-page optimization. To appear in first few pages of search engine results, it is necessary to build quality backlinks, not just backlinks. Making mistakes while link building can result in negative ranking. Following are some of the mistake that should be avoided while link building:

Linking to bad reputed websites:

Do not link to websites that have a bad reputation such as duplicate content, spam, illegal, or porn sites. Search engines prefer genuine sites and sites with a good reputation. So linking to these sites will help in getting a good ranking in search engine results. On the other hand, backlinks from sites with a bad reputation should be avoided.

Buy or sell links:

Buying links from other sites to get backlinks will land you in trouble with SEO. As search engines prefer genuine sites and links, they can ban your links. Google has clarified that links that have bought or sold will be considered as spam. Instead of buying linking, hiring a freelancer to create two or more guest blog posts and publishing in relevant blog sites will help in getting a quality backlink.

Link to homepage only:

If you only submit links to your homepage, link building will look as spam. When another website is discussing your website or business, then linking to the website is relevant. But if they are talking about specific products or services, then linking to the specific product, blog, or news is necessary. In addition, linking to a specific page will help in better conversation. You should try to build links where deals will be closed and sale will take place.

Backlinking only from high PR sites:

Though it is a good idea to get backlinks from high PR sites, getting so many links from high PR sites will not look authentic. Building links from high as well as low PR sites will help in achieving link variation. This variation will consequently yield better SEO results. Moreover, ensure those high PR sites are in your niche. Else, it will build a bad reputation for your brand.

Leaving out social media:

If you are leaving social media out of your link building strategy, it will not help you in getting better ranking in social media. If you are having backlinks from some websites but not from social media, it may look spammy and Google will leave your website from indexing in its search engine. So, receiving backlinks from appropriate websites is important, but getting likes, shares, and tweets is also important.

A lot of links in short span:

If you build many links in short span of time, it may look a link farm in eyes of search engines. This may result in removal or ban of your site from indexing. So, avoid link building in short duration. Slow and steady will help in winning the race.

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