Impact of Social Media Marketing and Advertising on Brand Awareness

Dec 10, 2018 — Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Impact of Social Media Marketing and Advertising on Brand Awareness

With the growing number of new companies in Pune, it has become important to partner up with the right social media marketing and advertising agencies in Pune to give you an edge over the constantly growing and competitive environment. In the age of information where the majority of the world is always online, it is has become extremely important for companies to have an online presence. Proper social media marketing campaigns created with the help of an online advertising company will ensure that the public are aware of your products and services. This is especially important if you are a small, newly created company. There are many advantages to social marketing, especially in relation to brand awareness.


When given a choice between two products or services, customers will usually choose the product they are aware of and will choose the preferred product or service given the options. A customer cannot choose your product or services if they do not know you exist. Hence, awareness is of extreme importance. Contacting SMO companies in Pune and working on a marketing strategy will help you get the word out of your company.


Customers will choose a product or service which they have a preference for.  To become a preferred choice the customer will have to be made aware and pleased with the quality of your product and service beforehand. The customer also needs to have a reliable source of reviews from actual customers in regards to your products and services. Brand marketing agencies in Pune can help you increase the chances that your product and services are preferred over the competition.


Branding firms in Pune always recommend long-term online marketing strategies, mainly because in time, a customer’s preference and choices change. Hence, your product and services might be forgotten by the customers. For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure your online marketing strategy is long term. Making your online marketing strategy and product and service unique ensures that the customer remembers you. Detailed information on your product and services can help make you memorable.


Working with a professional branding firm has become extremely important in the information age, where interaction with the customer is of paramount importance, mainly to gain information on how well your marketing campaign is going. Thanks to the magic of the internet you will be able to know whenever a potential customer clicks on your advertisement, a customer buys your product, or service or potential customers, and customers talk about your product and services. Using this information you can make changes in your online advertising campaign to provide better results.

Social Media

In the current age, almost all of your customers will be active on social media. Online customers are extremely useful in promoting your brand. Loyal customers who are active on social media tend to promote products and services they are satisfied with. You can recruit these unofficial ambassadors, advocates and fans to spread information about your quality product and services. Collaboration with customers and manufacturers is also on the rise to improve the quality of products and services. The best social media marketing agencies in Pune will concentrate on customer interactions as a part of your online marketing strategies.

Reviews and Recommendations

Customers like to share their experience of products and services for two main reasons, to congratulate companies on a job well done and to warn potential customers of a bad or sub-par quality of products and services. It is important to remember that potentials customers are influenced greatly by reviews and recommendations by friends and family.

There are clear benefits to social media marketing, depending on how well and on how long they continue their marketing strategy. What companies need to remember is to have a dynamic relationship with an online advertising company, and an adaptive online marketing strategy. There is a growing industry of social media marketing agencies in Pune which can be extremely useful for small and new corporations or large corporations who want to grow.