How to grow Instagram followers in 2020?

Feb 25, 2020 — B2B, B2C, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

How to grow Instagram followers in 2020?

Social media has undergone a sea change since the last decade. It has developed rapidly and has captured a large chunk of brand marketing. Earlier, Print media and TV ads lured people into buying products. Nowadays, as social media has become almost an inseparable part of every individual’s life, it influences everyone in some or the other way. At least, when it comes to marketing, social media influences our choices to a great extent. With the ever-increasing number of internet marketing companies in India, Kaizen Design Studio, the social media marketing company in Pune, drives the right prospects and clients to its patron’s website.

Instagram is one such platform that has gained considerably in the last few years. It is much more trending than Facebook and product marketing takes place on a large scale on Instagram. For providing the strategies for influencing buying decisions, there are many social media companies in Pune that help your brand/company for advertising your product in the perfect way. Before that, you must know the way to gain more followers for your brand on Instagram. Here are some great ways to increase Instagram followers. 

Go live, create videos, Post stories!

Over the years, Instagram has introduced many features like videos, stories and live chat features. These tools can help to attract a large audience towards your brand. Posting videos, stories and going live are great ways of engaging your audience. Because of frequent activities like these, the audience remains connected with your brand/company and they also share their experience with their friends, colleagues, and relatives. This leads to gaining more followers. According to research, More than 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. Seeing the number, posting stories on Instagram is really an efficient option for increasing followers. 

Consistency is the key! 

Don’t let your brand’s Instagram account be idele for even a day. Post something every day. You have to hammer your brand/company concept in the minds of the people every day and this is possible when you constantly post about your brand. Those who post frequently gain more followers as compared to those who post once in a while. So, be consistent in posting every day for more followers. 

Use relevant hashtags

Using the perfect hashtags will lead your post to reach a bigger audience related to your brand or business. The popularity of hashtag has grown so much that Instagram has enabled a feature to follow hashtags. Many people follow hashtags in which they are interested and your brand will reflect while various posts are explored through the hashtag follows. 

With these simple tactics, you can surely increase your followers. Pasting a link in the caption can be a tedious task as Instagram does not provide a hyperlink for the same. If you want to urge your followers to follow a specific link, add the link to your bio and spread the word in stories and posts. Don’t forget to mention ‘Link in bio’. 

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