How to devise an online communication strategy for branding

Aug 29, 2018 — Branding

How to devise an online communication strategy for branding

Online has become a new luxury. People spend a lot of time online to do everything from grocery shopping to search for the new word they come across. The online perception of the brand has started to matter more than offline. The way you communicate the brand online creates a certain image in people’s mind and influences buying decisions to a great extent. The brand is perceived by whatever you express online. From the website to social media pages, every word, image, email, video, review, and feedback matters. The way you are perceived online affects the overall reputation. So, communicating effectively is essential. A strong communication helps in building a strong and sustainable brand. From selecting the right social media channels for deciding the look & feel of the website, everything you do online will take a step closer to creating a reputation. Following are some of the steps you can take to effectively communicate the brand online:

Define your target audience:

The relevant content drives engagement. No user wants to see an irrelevant ad or content on their feeds. Being an authentic and customer-focused brand is essential and defining the target audience is the first step. Lack of relevance and promotional content turns people away. Defining the target audience is not an easy thing to do, but taking a time out to do the same will reap great benefits in the long-term. With this starting point in mind, your communication should be directed based on the targeted audience. Geography, demographics, behavior, and psychographics are some of the perspectives that need to be taken into consideration. Then drive the communication based on it.

Website for branding:

Once you are through with the target audience, having a website for your business is a must for online presence. Insights into the target audience will give help you in selecting the relevant content and the type of business will allow you to decide the look and feel of the website. After your website is live, determine what kind of content customers are consuming, what sources of traffic are, and what are buying patterns, and other insights. Update content and blogs on your website along with designs based on all the data you collect through analysis to drive engagement.

The right social media platform:

A majority of people are on social media and consume information from those platforms. However, there are different types of people on various social media platforms and each platform enables businesses to convey the brand story in a different way. Based on the target audience and brand relevance, it is essential to select the right social media platform. The relevancy will drive engagement. If the service is useful for professionals, then choosing LinkedIn to communicate the brand will be helpful, but the product is for youth such as deodorant or spectacles, choosing Facebook and Instagram will help you greatly. Determine what kind of business you have and what kind of communication will connect the target audience on the platform, and focus on creative visual and textual content for your brand.

Email communication to your advantage:

Building mutually beneficial relationships with customers are essential for long-term growth. Email communication is the best way to foster relationships with your customers. Prepare a list of subscribers by asking them to sign up when they visit your website. You may offer them some free content or useful tips based on your business to get their emails. There are two advantages. First, people who want to listen from you are getting the content. So, the relevancy will drive engagement. Second, it is the best way to effectively communicate. As people check their emails multiple times a day, this strategy help raises brand awareness.

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