How Much Print Marketing Collateral Do You Need

Oct 07, 2017 — Branding

How Much Print Marketing Collateral Do You Need

As you are about to open up your digital marketing company, or any other business for that matter, it is important you have all the necessary print marketing collateral to make new connections and promote your business to would-be customers. As a start-up business, it’s crucial to make an impression with the help of print marketing collaterals. Branded and professional print material showcase a company’s products and services offered to customers, unify a brand, and send a positive marketing messages.Let’s look at some of the best print marketing collateral that will make a huge difference to your marketing and business.

1. First, you need to make a good impression!

a. Business Cards – Business cards are a powerful tool if you play your cards right, as they provide a company’s information. And if you have a quality business card, there is a high chance that you will make a positive impression on a potential and returning customer. If a customer asks for your business card and if you do not have it on you, it can create a negative impression on their minds. So, make sure to print enough business cards on a regular basis, and be sure that your team or employees have enough cards with them at all times.

b. Envelopes or Letterheads – Black and white letterheads or envelopes ensure your communication with a potential customer isn’t going to go ahead. Instead, customize your envelopes or letterheads with colorful logos created by a logo designer in Pune. They create a positive impression, and are considered to be an official document. Use high quality paper for the letterheads.

2. After a meeting, leave or send sales material

a. Brochure of a Company – Company brochures provide information about the goods and services given to consumers. Therefore, get good brochure designing in Pune that includes an online and printed brochure focusing on your product and services. High-quality printed brochures give a good impression during sales meet. Investing on high-quality brochures indicate that the company is serious about the quality of work they do.

b. Catalogues – A catalogue is a great way to show-off your company’s featured items to customers, even if they featured on a website. The main advantage of catalogues is that they help to retain consumer compared to websites. That’s because customers tend to keep a catalog for a longer period of time, instead of using the internet all the time.

c. Folders – Presentation folders are great for keeping necessary pricing information, flyers, contracts, and other important documents. With the help of a custom presentation folder, you can keep all documents together and prevent damage. These folders show that a company is established and organized. It is also a powerful and visual tool for customers, so when you are giving them important documents, give it to them in custom presentation folders.

d. Data Sheet of Products – Companies should provide data sheets to customers as they provide concentrated information like product benefits, features and specification, along with the services in a detailed manner. It makes customers feel more informed and confident, and it gives them the freedom to go ahead with the purchase quicker. Data sheets also play a valuable role for sales meeting inside the company.

e. Testimonials – Having happy consumers is an ideal way to let other potential customers know that your company is well-established and loved. Hence, you can share your success through testimonial.

3. Follow-up with consumers through sales material

a. Newsletters – Companies should have newsletters to give to their consumers on quarterly basis. It provides information about their new products and services, and other important news about the customers.

b. EDDM Postcards – Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM Postcards are great to boost sales and obtain new customers. It can reach customers staying within the local neighborhoods that matter most. Marketing EDDM Postcards create awareness without the need to spend hefty amounts of money.

c. Thank You Cards – Once a deal is done with a customer, you should send a thank you note to them, along with a business card. Your company must make every customer feel appreciated for any kind of business deal done. You can also ask them for their personal experience about the deal through feedback forms.

For success of your marketing efforts, always use high-quality printed sales materials. Make sure you are not providing all the information on a single piece of printing material. It will only create nuisance and confusion in the minds of your potential customers. Instead, break your information into pieces which will answer their doubts and also make buying decisions easier for them. Employ the right logo design services in Pune to start off your businesses branding and print marketing journey.