How do you Write a Catchy Social Media Post?

Feb 19, 2021 — Social Media Marketing

How do you Write a Catchy Social Media Post?

Social media has certainly revolutionized the term communication. Social networking, collaborations, and promotions are all made possible now by simply uploading a post on any social media platform. This paradigm shift has allowed digital marketing companies in Pune to open their business to this wide aspect as well. Just as technology advances, social media does too. Different algorithms that are introduced to direct you around these platforms are also making it harder for you to generate engagement with your audience. Thus making it a hard puzzle to crack pushing people to look for different strategies and action plans and many Social media marketing companies in Pune are offering you that help.

But even with a well-planned strategy in place you still need to create and write content for your posts. So here are few tips for writing a stand out social media post:

Know Your Audience:
Get to know who is viewing your posts the most. Figuring out your target audience is key as it allows you to write accordingly and post appropriate content. Build out audience personas that outline basic details like their age bracket, studying or working, and their interests. This will help you to understand how to frame your post. Knowing your audience and speaking their language will also encourage engagement and interactions on your pages and platforms.

Say More with Less:
Keep it short but comprehensive. People on any social media platform scroll through content at a fast pace. We all do it. It is the quick-paced world we live in. On Instagram alone, 95 million photos and videos are shared in a single day. So to make your post stand out, keeping it short and to the point will be received a lot better. Avoid using unnecessary words and being too repetitive. A general rule is to keep posts around 100 characters long.

Use an Active Voice:
While writing a social media post, you have to use active voice. You want to instill confidence in your audience reading the post. Using an active voice assists your post to be readable and easy to digest, pushing people to go through the entire post or story. Avoid making it too formal and there is nothing wrong in adding a bit of humour and puns. All the best social media optimizations companies in Pune also do this.

Add Call-to-actions:
Another significant way to keep your posts catchy is by including Call-To-Actions. Call-To-Actions are an excellent way to encourage conversations and engagement. It could be an open-ended question, a this or that, or a cheeky “Comment below win a prize”. You may be looking to simply engage with your audience, or want your content to be shared, or asking your readers to buy a product and visit your website, Call-To-Actions alerts people on what you want from them, and is an effective way to achieve your social media goals.

Incorporate the above-given advice, and see the marked improvement in your social media posts.

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