How a corporate video created brand identity internationally: Story of IOX branding

Aug 27, 2018 — Branding, Corporate Video

How a corporate video created brand identity internationally: Story of IOX branding

Kaizen Design Studio took an assignment to develop a corporate video that conveys brand identity and vision on the international level. Thanks for the trust of IOX (Indian Ocean Exchange), an ICT company based in Mauritius, for believing us with the responsibility. Telling the story in a creative way as per international standards was a bit challenging.

Being a firm operating in the ICT domain, the objective of IOX is to connect people, culture, countries, and businesses across Africa, India, South East Asia, and Europe to Indian Ocean islands. Its fiber-optic submarine cable system and technology services offer a flawless and relentless digital experience anywhere, anytime. The firm provides high speed and low latency network access to help businesses and industries in these geographies.

The stakes raised higher when we realized this video should contain appropriate merit to be presented to the Mauritius President.

The first step involved determining client requirements, international standards, and quality measures to convey vision and services through a creative and engaging video. The script was developed in the next step. Extensive research was carried out to determine specific statistics to be included in the video. Then, the background score was composed and mixed with visuals.

The voiceover in the appropriate accent was given and revisions were carried out until the correct accent was achieved according to international requirements. Appropriate video and image content was gathered from Shutterstock. In the end, script, background score, voice over, and video quality were checked to ensure everything meets the merits of the international level.

The hard work and brainstorming came to fruition. The video was developed with the contents as per the requirements of client and merits appropriate to be presented to Mauritius President. It has been well-appreciated by a wide audience. The information about services became widespread and brand awareness increased.

Corporate videos enhance brand awareness and convey a lot of information within a short time. Being one of the leading corporate video making and branding companies in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps brands by making corporate videos for them and using it effectively to create brand awareness.