How a Corporate Video Can Help You Rank Higher on Google

Sep 10, 2019 — B2B, Corporate Video, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development

How a Corporate Video Can Help You Rank Higher on Google

A good corporate video is the need of the hour for the smooth sailing of a business as it defines your business or brand in a proper manner. Making videos that promote your business or brand is called corporate video marketing. Corporate video marketing is an important aspect of any business. This is an effective method to reach your audience. A good corporate video also helps in ranking you in the top Google search results. The output: More audience reach of your business! All of this comes under Corporate branding. A fabulous corporate video is a key to great corporate branding. For this, a good corporate video production company should help you in carving a good marketing strategy. Kaizen Design Studio, a corporate video production company in Pune provides the best corporate video services. It is a corporate video maker company in Pune that will boost your business prospects to a great extent by preparing amazing corporate videos that will always rank higher because of stunning graphics and excellent content!

Here are the main points relating to how a corporate video will help you rank higher on Google.

Place the video on a website

If you place a corporate video on your business website, it will help you to gain a place among the top search results as a video will make users stay on the website for a certain amount of time. 

Demonstrate your product

Your product or service is the main foundation of your business. Show a short demo of your product or service. Let the users explore the uniqueness of your product or service by viewing the demo. This will help in up-gradation of your Google ranking.

Make a video that educates the user

Make useful videos that provide information which will lead to the purchase of your product or service. Your corporate video should act as a magnet which attracts the target audience due to its alluring graphics and perfect explanation of your product.

Entertain, Entertain and Entertain!

Always prepare a video that keeps the user hooked so that the average time spent on the website will be increased and eventually, it will help your website climb the ladder of rankings!

Embed your videos

Make sure that you embed your videos on your business website. This will definitely help in increasing your video view family. While you embed the video, make sure that you click on the ‘Show suggested videos’ option because when the video ends, irrelevant suggestions will crop up and this unnecessary change can drive a consumer away. So, be careful about the same.

So, what do you understand by this? A brilliant corporate video will surely maximise your chances of featuring on the page 1 search results. Always remember that Google always looks out for videos that fulfill the intent. Prepare corporate videos on the same lines. With these tips, Google will find you and reward you with the gift of ranking your website among the top rank holders!

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