Here is Why Instead of Going Direct, You Should be Hiring an Advertising Agency!

Jan 07, 2019 — B2C, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Here is Why Instead of Going Direct, You Should be Hiring an Advertising Agency!

We get many questions from our clients, friends, and prospects why a business owner should get an advertising agency instead of dealing with the tasks directly with various media vendors themselves. While they ask these questions, they are referring to website developers, search engine marketing companies, branding freelancers etc. Business owners often come to the conclusion that they are saving money and can continue with this schedule as long as possible. In reality, this is not right. You are going in the wrong direction. There are many inefficiencies and indirect costs in ‘going direct’.

We are Kaizen Design Studio, one of the finest branding and advertising agencies in Pune. We often come across these relevant questions and here, in this post, we are going to solve the common query of many business owners who have just started their ventures or the ones with the well-established brands.

Here are the top 5 reasons why advertising companies in Pune are recommended for branding than a bunch of independent sellers. Please note that we are not criticizing independent service providers and freelancers but we are going to tell you the upsides of the agencies.

  1. More In-House Experience

Any advertising agencies in Pune you will come across employ or partner with multiple people who are experts in various marketing mediums and techniques. This in a group, gives you a significantly better level of expertise than any independent media rep. It is very rare to find a freelancer who fully understands the complexity of all the advertising tactics. Likewise, a business owner is never going to know how much specialists are onto his marketing campaigns but it reflects in the results.

  1. More Detailed Work

Business owners who directly spend their time on the marketing tasks often get bogged down in the minutia of their marketing efforts. This never happens with an agency. The agency is more organized and they will handle your advertising or branding campaigns in more detail because there are various brains are at work. Ignoring marketing and making sure if the plan by an agency is in line with the company’s goals is what a business owner should be doing. Micromanaging every detail of the marketing task is generally not recommended for the business owners. Constantly working on marketing could lead to the loss of productivity.

  1. More Objective while Choosing Marketing Techniques

Most agencies don’t follow and stick up to the common and same marketing medium and techniques. Therefore, they are more at freedom to make the best choice for the client based on the current situation. According to the trends, they keep changing their marketing tools and tricks. Also, you will find that most of the agencies don’t follow one for all approach, every brand as their customer is treated differently.

  1. Trusted Counsel to the Business Owners

Sometimes, it is advisable for the business owners to have someone with marketing expertise who is not working in their organization to bounce ideas off of and ask questions without risk of getting some self-serving answer. It’s very difficult for a person working in their organization to get unbiased answers and they have pressure to get the sale done.

On the other hand, advertising agencies are not under any pressure and they can ask upfront questions to the business owner to get the things done at pace. Though agencies are financially motivated, they are only dedicating their time for your branding only.

  1. Agencies Have More Relationships in Media Buying

Agencies commonly hold relations with other media outlets that they cultivate over time. So, it’s generally advised getting the agency with more experience. They can publish in various mediums on your behalf and thus getting you the best experience of publicity.

There are two sides to every story

We are sure that there are many reasons why hiring an advertising agency has its own advantages over going direct.

In our expert opinion, it’s good for business owners to know about what marketing mediums can work for them actively, but going solo is not advised which can be supported with the above pointers. And it always makes sense that you guys concentrate on your daily business tasks and let the marketing be handled by agencies all by themselves, we won’t disappoint you.