Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Which Advertising Platform should we Prefer?

Jun 18, 2019 — B2B, B2C, Branding, Digital Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing

Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Which Advertising Platform should we Prefer?

Two of the biggest internet giants, as of right now, are Facebook and Google. They have their own set of advertising models, and many companies get confused as to whether choose Google Ads or Facebook Ads for their business. On the surface, both feel the same.

For instance; if you have the right knowledge and proper tools, then Pay-Per-Click advertising helps. When Google AdWords are added to PPC advertising, you can save more and convert a number of people. On the other hand, at just as $20 to $30, you can attract over 1000 Facebook fans to increase the revenue. Here are a few differences that will give you a better idea as to which one to use.

1. They are Different Targeting Systems

With the help of filters, Facebook allows you to target your potential audience in 3 ways; by interests, geography and demography. This allows your ads to reach your targeted audience which will only be seen by such targeted audience. On the other hand, Google AdWords allows you to make an ad based on what the user types on the search box. This is because Google cannot act like Facebook nor can it view a personal profile of the user. However, Google is capable of understanding the type of page and then show the ads accordingly.

2. Ads Creation Process is Different for Both

When it comes to creating an ad, both require different approach while creating one. Google Ads depend on keywords while Facebook Ads depend on user’s likes. But, if you compare the prices for the ads, Facebook ads are cheaper than Google ads.

3. Building a Brand

As both offer a company to help improve its brands, both have different approaches. For example; when a user clicks on a link, that link takes them to the company’s official website where the image is built in the eyes of the user. However, if that page has a number of other links, then Google may lower their ranking if more users tend to jump to it and not stick with the initial page. On the other hand, Facebook Ads or social media marketing are built more on word-to-mouth and social proof which are considered to be powerful tools.

4. Demographic and Keyword Targeting

When it comes to demographic and keyword targeting, both are capable of doing it. However, Facebook is way superior. For instance; when you’re targeting a customer based on geography, the ads will only appear to the audience located in that geographic region. Google too can do it, however, it doesn’t know about the targeted audience’s location nor does it know what keyword the audience is going to use. The only thing Google has information is that of what the user is actually searching. Therefore, Facebook ads have higher rates for clickthrough and conversions compared to search engine marketing or Google Adwords.

So, who wins?

To be honest, both are fair winners with their share of benefits. Although Facebook ads have more benefits over Google ads, one needs to understand that Facebook is constantly evolving. This is because the algorithm of Facebook is always on the verge of constant updates which makes it a little difficult to do advertising compared to the past times. But if you’re serious and ready to spend a little extra on promoting posts or paid ads, then your best customers will still be able to track you with ease.

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