Go Viral with Social Media Marketing Companies

May 26, 2017 — Social Media Marketing

Go Viral with Social Media Marketing Companies

Social media marketing companies in Pune are seeing a sharp rise in clients. Businesses are waking to the importance of social media marketing. Though social media was not intended to be a marketing platform, today, it has become the biggest marketing platform, owing to its massive reach. Almost every person who has connectivity to the internet has a social media account. Therefore, with the right platform and strategy, businesses can reach potential audiences, and gather good leads. Let’s look at the best social media platforms for marketing.


With over a billion users, Facebook is the giant amongst all social media platforms. A billion users means they have a database of billions of people, and know exactly how to target them. Facebook raked in a cool $27 billion in ad revenues for the year 2016, and the figure is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. It will soon catch up with search engine giant, Google. How does Facebook marketing work? Simple, it has tonnes of data on each individual. From likes and dislike, to which location a person last checked in, Facebook knows it all, and uses the data to push relevant businesses and services on its users. This successful business model is followed by most social media platforms.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. It is owned by Facebook, but Facebook creator and owner, Mark Zuckerberg, has assured that Instagram will be grown and developed as a completely independent entity. Popular among millennials, Instagram is a visual medium, completely relying pictures and hashtags. With the right pictures and hashtags, users can get hundreds and thousands of people to love and comment on their pictures. Though, it is mainly a personal social platform, businesses are beginning to tap into its potential. In fact, you can now link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and simultaneously advertise on both platforms.


Twitter introduced the world to concise messages and hashtagging. You can only use a 140 characters in a single tweet. Though this may seem like an obstruction, it actually forced people to be creative. This medium is a “blink and you’ll miss it” medium, hence, you have to be quick, clever and constant with your advertising and marketing campaigns. Though India is still far behind Western nations regarding ad spending on Twitter marketing, the numbers are growing and fast. Twitter is now on its way to becoming one of the best social media marketing platforms.

Social media is the next big advertising and marketing platform, so, choose from the right social media marketing companies in Pune to make your businesses and campaign go viral.