Ears Wide Open: The Secret Of Success & Healthy Relationship With Clients

Jul 18, 2018 — General

Ears Wide Open: The Secret Of Success & Healthy Relationship With Clients

Ross told his wife Donna, “Get my coat, we are going out for coffee and…” Before Ross could complete, Donna interrupted in excitement while going in the bedroom, “We will have Hazelnut Frappe today. Not at CCD, we will go to Starbucks this time.” Then she brought a coat to him and was surprised to see a blank expression on his face. She asked what happened. He replied, “The wallet was also in the cupboard and I wanted that too.” Exasperated and unwilling to go to the bedroom again, she retorted, “You go and fetch it now. I am not going again.” Anguished at the reply, Ross rushed to the bedroom, saying, “You didn’t even let me finish. You just want to reply, talk, and never listen carefully. And I wanted the black coat, not the brown one.” Now guess, in what mood they both will be going to a coffee shop? Definitely, not a good and cheerful mood.

This unnecessary argument mood would have been avoided with only one thing: listening fully & attentively before replying and suggesting something. This is an example of everyday life. If people do not listen carefully to others, it would cause misunderstanding and this misunderstanding would lead to resentment. The resentment harms relationships. That is why listening carefully is essential. There is always a probability that we miss on something if not listened attentively to someone else.

The above example was of a husband-wife life scenario. The same listening principle applies in every relationship. May it be father-son, mother-daughter, friends, colleagues, or client-service provider. At Kaizen Design Studio, we understand the importance of listening to clients attentively and understand their requirements before rendering our services. We are committed to listening more and understanding thoroughly before proposing solutions, presenting fresh ideas, and devising strategies for branding.

American author and educator Stephen R. Covey said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” While conducting meetings and brainstorming sessions on any project, our intent has always been and will always be to understand what the client says and then talk about what we can do. We want to every piece of information to sink in, give it a thought, and then talk and discuss further strategies. A brief from the client has always been an essential piece of information that helps in determining the sentiment behind their projects and preparing effective communication strategy that would help them in connecting with their potential and current client base.

We consider listening to our clients attentively as our secret of conducting successful branding campaigns. Listening attentively is our first priority. This is what we practice every day, and has been able to form an enduring relationship with clients. This has led us to become one of the leading branding companies in Pune. You can also experience our attentive listening with just a phone call. Else, if you want to discuss potential collaboration in depth, we can always discuss over a coffee at our office premises.