Digital Marketing: The Past Present and Future

Aug 27, 2019 — B2B, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing: The Past Present and Future

Digital marketing has seen an overwhelming rise over the years. No wonder it has garnered so much attention due to the advent of technology in our lives. The best part of Digital Marketing is that it can reach your brand to heights of success with some good strategies and campaigns. There are many digital marketing companies that make this possible. Kaizen Design Studio, one of the best digital marketing company in Pune provides the best digital marketing services in Pune for various companies and the strategy works every time that helps you grow at breakneck speed! In this blog, we will explore the past, present, and future of the Digital Marketing Sector. 

The Past 

 In the year 1998, Google introduced itself on the Internet. The web-based search engine has reached the zenith and it is vital for optimizing Search Marketing and Digital Marketing campaigns. The 2000s brought about a change in customer behaviour.  With the help of Google, people started to search and enquire about their desired products online before buying. This pattern left the advertisers puzzled. After a small gap,  social networking sites started to sprout. Numerous media companies understood that social networking sites were offering newer opportunities to market their brands and products. It introduced new horizons for doing business and started another chapter for garnering business.

With newer resources, they required ways to do brand promotion and make full use of the different social networking platforms. So much so that Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become a dedicated branch of Digital Marketing today. Many digital marketing agencies in Pune specialise in SMM. Kaizen Design Studio is the best digital media marketing company in Pune that can help your business reach heights of success. 

The Present

Search engines have become an important component of everyday life. Not only have they become the driving force in internet innovations, but also in digital marketing. What the digital marketing companies do is that they research keywords, relevant to each page, are searched most. Based on these factors, digital marketing strategists develop an SEO strategy to achieve the desired ranking goals and also develop content that will round out the strength of SEO. The role of Social Media in Digital Marketing continues to become more prominent each year. Due to their constant updates, social media platforms continue to grow in popularity, showing no sign of slowing down. It is no longer limited to younger generations but has become popular across all ages. A business’ social presence provides additional benefits in SEO and website optimization.

The Future

Digital Marketing is thus not restricted to marketing and technology only, however, it has been an integral part of our past, present and without a doubt, it will impact the future of the human civilization as a whole. Digital marketing is a gigantic concept and is catching some limelight at the moment as more producers are using the digitized medium of marketing to connect to their customers.  The more you engage, the more you gain popularity with your target audience and make an impact. Kaizen Design Studio, the best digital marketing agency in Pune is here to assist you in skyrocketing your brand name through extraordinary marketing strategies. So, next time you think digital marketing, Think Kaizen Design Studio!