Corporate Video Production – A New and Effective Way of Marketing

Dec 25, 2018 — B2B, B2C, Branding, Corporate Video, Digital Marketing

Corporate Video Production – A New and Effective Way of Marketing

Corporate video production companies in Pune have been serving the medium and large companies for their business promotion since last decade. The strong reason is that such videos are working as a catalyst in the way of brand promotion. Those days are gone when businesses used to follow the same procedure of spreading flyers and brochures in order to promote their business. With 4G technology now becoming more common and data getting cheaper, more people are sticking to the video watching. This habit of the people has propelled many brands to make corporate videos for their promotion thus increasing the importance of corporate video services.

Do you have a flourishing business that needs creating promotional videos? Videos can surely boost your search engine rankings magically and are one of the effective ways to increase user engagement But, how do you start with it?

Don’t stress too much, we at Kaizen Design Studio are one of the expert corporate video service providers in Pune and have helped many brands grow organically.

75% of the business executives agree that they watch work-related(corporate) videos on business websites at least 4 times a month, making corporate videos the most effective content types if you are targeting the B2B market.

How Videos are an Effective way of marketing?

The traditional marketing methods have taken a slight back seat and corporate videos are replacing them to an extent. They are now new mediums of branding and are achieving good results incorporate. But, the main question remains the same, why are they so effective and efficient? Here are some of the ways how Corporate Videos can prove helpful towards your brand.

Train your employees

With many brands spreading across the world through branches, the management doesn’t always have the time to site with the employees through the training process. So, as an answer to this, the entire process can be recorded step by step figuring yourself undergoing the entire process. These videos can be used efficiently when new team member joins the business.

Video Tutorials for Client’s Understanding

Many of the clients have a very short time, so using video recorders to shoot a short screen bites can help greatly. You can send your client’s links to private videos which can help them have look through particular major concepts, and they can watch them in their free time. You can provide great value-added service through these video tutorials to your clients.

Video Testimonials can influence your clients easily

Testimonials in the written format are no doubt powerful, but, a video testimonial is even stronger. According to our experts at Kaizen, clients get more impressed through testimonials in video formats than in the written reviews. You can easily shoot such videos at the comfort of your client or they can send you some videos bits. Speak freely with them how they enjoy your products or service and rest assured, such videos will lift your brand image a great deal.

A business that invests in video marketing always inspires great professionalism and a certain authority in the market. Though the process behind video marketing is complex, we have changed the way it works and it has made us one of the alpha lions in the competition. Contact Kaizen Design Studio today and know how. We take pride in calling ourselves one of the purest corporate video marketing company in Pune.