Corporate Video – How Much It Costs?

Jun 27, 2018 — Corporate Video

Corporate Video – How Much It Costs?

Corporate videos convey a lot of information about the company and its ethics, goals, work culture, and assets in a short time. This form of communication is becoming popular among companies to attract potential customers along with investors. Branding companies have been helping companies in making a corporate video which tells about the company profile in the most creative and storytelling way. Companies have realized the importance of having a corporate video and its benefits. However, the question arises. How much does it cost? How much money can be spent to achieve the goals expected from a corporate video? The answers to these questions vary as there are many factors involved in the production of a corporate video. The time duration of the film, the complexity of shooting and editing, and production values are the factors that determine the overall cost of a video.

Production values involve impacting the overall quality of the corporate video. There are three processes involved- pre-production, the shoot( production) and post-production. Factors involved in the pre-production process are time and expertise involved in concept development, scriptwriting, and planning the shoot including locations, actors, and voice-overs. The shoot involves the type of cameras and lenses used, number of days spent, skills & expertise of crew, and additional equipment such as sliders and other props. Post-production process involves the complexity of editing, duration of video, skills & expertise of post-production crew, color grading, music editing and generating motion graphics. The final production cost depends upon each of these factors.

The next factor impacting the cost of corporate videos is the type of video you want for your organization. If you want a high-end and cinematic video, the cost goes high. If you prefer cheap and captivating, the cost incurred is lower as compared to the former type of video. The type of video depends on the brand values and target audience. If you are selling a high-end product, cheap and poor production video will hamper the brand. The target audience is expecting a high-quality video experience that would convey the information about the company and build credibility. Moreover, the corporate video is a significant medium to attract potential customers and build trust that this company is the right choice for them. For this, high production values become a necessity. However, low production values can be preferred if products are very basic and information needs to be conveyed. There is no need to spend the money on high-end videos.

The next question arises is, if the demand is for a high-end video that aligns with the brand identity but the budget is low. The answer is the discussion with branding agencies which are providing their services. Convey what are your requirements and ask for the best possible solutions in the budget you are allocated by the company. These companies will help you in trimming the costs and providing the high-quality video. No captivating locations, big celebrities, or high-quality cameras & lens. Determine your message and ask the video production company to convey the message in the simplest form.

Undoubtedly, corporate videos are essential to convey the message of the company and connect with a wide audience in less time. Budget is an important aspect of it. Being one of the leading corporate video production companies in Pune and gaining wide experience in creating corporate videos, Kaizen Design Studio helps companies in creating videos through creative and storytelling manner and raise brand awareness.