Branding Tales: Dare to be Different and Think Like a Brand

Jan 03, 2019 — B2B, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Branding Tales: Dare to be Different and Think Like a Brand

It’s not about what or how you do it, it’s about why you do it. – Unknown.

The same applies when it comes to building a brand. If you are having a brand that creates some product X, then tell your customers why you are creating that product or service and rest is known.

Customers are being marketed more than ever these days. They are getting bombarded every moment with notifications, messages on websites, apps, and content. That choice means opportunity for brands but sometimes it becomes noise for the users or your customers.

But, some brands are not only surviving this, but they are also breaking through this growth barrier. And the brands who breakthrough – grow fast, assemble headlines and get big sales. These brands are the companies which adopted marketing from the start point and now they are known as innovative at every step. How do they do it? How are they so different?

We are Kaizen Design Studio one of the top 10 branding companies in Pune and through this post, we are sharing our thoughts on how our brands are making their places in customers’ minds. If you are also looking for a branding companypick up that phone or just email us right away.

Learning how a breakthrough brand is built will make you stand out and applying those ideas to your business will revitalize your marketing and lead to more growth.

It’s never too late to break through.

Think different – Breakthrough

When you consider branding and marketing from the above perspective, you will notice that how important empathy and equity are, the place your brand achieves in one’s mind surrounds the feelings that connect people to it.

Here’s how your brand can think different and breakthrough.

Mobile-First Mindset

We are not talking about a mobile-friendly website or emails that will look beautiful on smartphones. We are talking about the mobile reach to the audience and its central success. Think about how a brand like Uber reaches its user through mobile.

Geolocation, infrastructure, and distribution all go away in a mobile-first world. This plays to the strengths of a breakthrough brand, but how can you get the benefit of a mobile-first mindset, even though you might already be an established company? What feature of your business is easiest in mobile marketing?

Have a bold vision

Equating innovation with a faster way of doing something is one of the mistakes that is often made when we are talking about breakthrough brands. Indeed, speed is important, but if you are headed in the wrong direction, that speed will only get you to the wrong place you will be wondering why and that too in a shorter time.

Breakthrough brands only achieve success because of a single vision that can be owned by only that company.

The new marketing approaches

Traditional marketing is now breaking down. It’s not at all brand versus performance. The new marketing approach is all about a smart target, well-crafted strategies and is designed to drive meaningful action. The new marketing is not about bombarding product information and promotions to the customers and prospects. The new marketing approach talks about connecting with your customers and leads through a smart and human way backed up by robust technology and artificial intelligence.

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