Branding a Restaurant – It’s tough, but not impossible!

May 26, 2018 — Branding

Branding a Restaurant – It’s tough, but not impossible!

There is a lot of crowd on every street, not roaming around or shopping, but satisfying their taste buds. Let alone streets, small and big restaurants, cafes, and food joints at malls have been flooded. Food connoisseurs, families, and groups of friends have been visiting various restaurants to savor the flavors and deliciousness of different cuisines. The food industry has dramatically transformed the world and eating habits of people have changed over the period of time. The advent of technology has brought the food to their doorsteps. Visiting cafes and restaurants only on weekends is not a trend anymore. With this scenario, it is not an easy task to brand a restaurant. There are a ton of restaurants offering different cuisines, exemplary ambiance, and best-in-class service. Branding a restaurant that stands out in the competition and offers an amazing experience is a challenge. Here are some tips and facts to make it easier to brand a restaurant:

Find differentiability:

The competition in the food industry is tough. There are restaurants with innovative concepts and unique offerings. Finding a differentiability of a restaurant is essential. The core of any restaurants is cuisines served and its taste. Determine what it is that makes cuisines and their tastes different from others. Devise a strategy that promotes differentiability. Determine what the restaurant should be known for. Capitalizing on differentiability will give an edge over the competition and attract visitors.

Focus on youth:

The youth of the country is the top influencer in the food industry. There is always a group of friends looking for casual dining, exotic restaurant, or eatery joints. Communicate with them through a website, food delivery apps, and social media campaign in their dialect. Moreover, select fonts and color schemes that will suitable for them. Though importance given to the youth will vary, it is undeniable that they are key influencers in the food business.

Character building is essential:

Though the restaurant offers an amazing experience to visitors, it is important to build a character of a restaurant. May it be a social media post or the design of a menu card, every piece of communication with visitor builds a reputation for a restaurant. The character is built over time. Taste, experience, and service will enhance recall value, character building will keep visitors connected with the brand for long-term.


As people are getting more aware of preserving the environment than before, usage of environment-friendly materials, crockery, and furniture will build a good reputation. Environment branding has emerged as a crucial strategy over time. Connecting to people with the implementation of this strategy has huge benefits for restaurants. Owners of restaurants need to turn on their creative buds while designing environment-friendly restaurant and branding companies need to communicate this.

Social Media and Reviews:

The advent of smartphones has transformed the branding strategies. Displaying advertisements through various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others will help in connecting with people in an easy and convenient manner. Effective implementation of online channels will ease up branding. There are online food ordering apps on which users post reviews. Keeping an eye on them is also essential. Replying to user reviews is also essential to convey that the brand cares about its users.

Though it has become tougher to brand a restaurant and make it stand out in the era of intense competition, formulating few essential strategies will help in creating an awareness of a brand. Being one of the leading branding agencies in Pune Kaizen Design Studio helps restaurants create brand awareness by reaching a wide audience and giving them their own voice.