Brand Positioning: Build On It & Make A Celebrated Story

Jul 14, 2018 — Branding

Brand Positioning: Build On It & Make A Celebrated Story

After reaching a certain height in the marketplace, it is important to aim for a higher position to make the brand sustainable. Once a certain brand positioning goal is met, repositioning the brand to new heights must be the aim to build a long-lasting business. It is fascinating to try to reach a new position and have a brand identity admired by the wide audience, but the caution must be taken while achieving a higher goal. One of the few risks involved in brand repositioning is to compromise the current position of the brand which made it the real deal in the marketplace for a higher position that has not built credibility yet. Considering the current brand position, the strategies should be devised to gain a new position.

While achieving the goal of higher position, another thing that should be taken into consideration is not leave the old positioning behind. To make the brand move close to where it wants to see itself, the old position which was gained in the marketplace after years of hard work should not be compromised. It does not matter how brilliant a new branding strategy is and how it will take the brand to the next level, it is always favorable to build on the old position. Because the old position has been gained based on credibility.

The most important thing for a brand position is its credibility. There is a number of factors that need to be considered while building the credibility. These factors involve what you are saying about the brand, what the audience believes, what the audience values, and where you want to see your brand. Mainly, it involves attaining the balance between what the brand promises and what the experience of the brand delivers. The position of the brand should complement these factors. While setting a higher goal, achieving the center of all these factors should be considered.

If the brand repositioning is considered only based on what customers believe, the brand will never get to the higher position. On the other hand, if the brand only considers what it thinks of itself and where it wants to see itself, it will never get to that position. Because the credibility is lost as the balance is not achieved. The balance needs to be attained based on who you are in minds of the customers and where you want to be.

Repositioning needs to add value to the brand and build credibility in the marketplace without compromising the position a brand already held. While repositioning or taking the brand to the next level, it is beneficial to take help of branding agencies and utilize their years of expertise. Being one of the leading branding companies in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps brands in determining their current positioning and reaching higher goals with innovative and well-developed branding strategies.