Body language hacks to keep in mind while facing the camera

Oct 27, 2018 — Branding, Corporate Video

Body language hacks to keep in mind while facing the camera

The first impression is the last impression. It is true in the case of meeting in person as well as watching a video. When you are facing the camera for a video, the body language matters along with the subject you are talking about. People judge based on body language cues and connect with a person based on how he says what he says. The first impression is made in the initial 10–15 seconds and it impacts the decision to watch the remaining video. Getting nervous in front of the camera is acceptable, but the acceptance will not help. There has to be a confident manner in which you tell the story that can connect the target audience. Here are some of the hacks to keep in mind:

Laughing is the trick

Before you start filming for a video, try laughing. The nervousness will grip you, but laughing will reduce nervousness. Forcing yourself to laugh will help you become confident and feel warm and enthusiastic. Even the fake laugh will do the trick. Smiling will help you, but laughing will make you ready for facing the camera with a relaxed mindset. Once you become confident, get the right pitch with more than one takes.

Speak loud to get in motion

Trying to control the tone from the beginning will make you more nervous. Initially, speak loudly to gain little confidence. Once you get the energy and confidence with the words and atmosphere of the room, then focus on using the right tone of voice. The deep breathing technique will also help. Taking deep breaths and breathing out releases tension and makes a person calm and composed. This calmness will help in getting the right tone in the video.

Use hand movements

To convey important points, use hand movements and gestures. This will energize you to express yourself with more clarity and confidence than before. Keeping hands on the side will be dull. Practice some hand movements and gestures beforehand in front of the mirror. This will make you confident. Ensure you are not using many hand movements as it will work against you and turn off the viewer.

Vary tone and speed

It is more than just reading the script. You have to put emotion into the script. The varying tone of voice and speed of words is essential to capture attention and keep the audience engaged. Slow down while stating important points and speed up while covering less agreeable points. Moreover, a number of takes will help you in getting the right tone. Do not rush to wrap everything up as fast as you can. Take time and give a number of takes to give the best shot.

Giving the right impression in the video is essential to convey the message and hold the attention of the audience for the entire video. While speaking in a corporate video, the confident stance and assertive voice are necessities to make a good impression. Being a leading corporate video production companies in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps clients in creating a compelling video that engages the audience and spread awareness about the brand.