App store optimization tips

Nov 17, 2017 — ASO

App store optimization tips

There are more than 2 million apps available today on the app store and it can be challenging for app developers to get their apps discovered. App Store Optimization (ASO) is becoming a necessity in order to rank well in the app store engines. ASO evolves with the App Store every time when changes are made to the algorithms. Let’s look at some of the best optimization tips gathered from top ASO services in Pune.

1. Title – ‘Start with descriptive title’.

What is the name? A good app name not only identifies your app functionality, but it can also help to improve your rankings in app store or Google play store. To optimize your app title and improve ASO, be descriptive after the name of your app includes primary keywords; make the most of the character limits available. In the App Store it can have 255 characters. In Google Play, your title can have 30 characters.

Tips for picking an app name

  • Be unique
  • Be descriptive
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Use Rhyming words
  • Check Availability

2. Description: ‘Describe Your App Well’.

In Google play store and App store the description plays a role like a landing page. In ASO Description doesn’t make a difference for rank ranking but a good description attract your visitors or we say that a quality description convince your users to download the app.

Steps to optimize your app description

  • First two lines in Important: First two lines(306 char) of your description must be describe clearly and include primary use of your app
  • Keep it simple
  • Show the value: List out all the main features of your app and explain how it works.

3. Icon: ‘App Icon Represents Content and Personality’.

The most important and first element recognized by people browsing the app store is the icon of an app. The icon creates the first impression and hence, it’s important that your app’s icon is well-designed and has recall value.

Icon Design tips:

  • Show Value: Design your Icon that reflects a key functionality of your app
  • Avoid text: Don’t use a text in your app. It must be graphically describe a word, idea, or functionality.
  • Simple and clean
  • Consider border
  • Be consistent: Match colors and styles used throughout your app design

4. Keyword: ‘Choose the right keyword’

One of the most important steps in ASO is choosing relevant and popular keywords. They’re crucial to the visibility of your app in search results, and will ensure you reach the audience you’re targeting.
Steps of keyword selection:

  • Plan or Brainstorm: List out keywords you think someone might use when looking for your app.
  • Research Competitor: find competitor keywords from app title and app store description.
  • Select: Select them based on relevancy, popularity, search volume and your competitive analysis. Use the KEI formula (Keyword Efficiency Index) to target the most relevant keyword that also has a high search volume and low competition.

5. Category– ‘Pick the right category’.

Consider a particular category for your app to give you a win. Deciding a particular category, where there’s less competition can have a massive positive impact on your app. Consider the example from Twitter. They switched their category from Social to News which became an instant hit.

Tips for picking right category

  • Don’t blindly put your app into wrong category, first analyze your competitor’s category then decide which category is suit for your app.

6. Screenshots & Video Preview –‘ Create descriptive screenshots and Convincing video previews’

Visual promotional assets are important to optimize as your ads to convince visitors that your app is worth downloading. Video app trailers are now supported on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Tips For Eye-Catching App Screenshots

  • Strong First Impression: Make sure that your first screenshot is the strongest visually to the user. It must clearly display the core function of your app.
  • Use the Space: Make a good use of all available screenshot slots – 8 for Google Play and 5 for Apple’s App Store. Each screenshot is an opportunity to generate a download.
  • Explain with Text: Add main marketing copy or short phrases describing each screenshot. Social proof or small testimonials of client can also help to convince a visitor to download your app.
  • Tell a Story: Feature the screenshots in sequential order to demonstrate what your app

Tips for Great App Videos:

  • Keep it short
  • Look professional
  • Be clear and concise
  • Match tone and style
  • Add voice and text

7. Ratings and Reviews –‘Good Ratings and reviews are critical to your app’s ultimate success’

Data from a reputed ASO company in India points out that the average rating for an iOS app in the top 150 category is 3.81 stars, while the average rating for an Android app in the 240 category is 4.16. So, you will need to be in the top rankings in the app store.

Tips to Improve Ratings and Reviews:

  • Positive User Support Experience: Ask for positive feedback from users whenever and wherever possible. Add rating button or call to action button to all marketing platforms like social media profile and your website
  • Provide Customer Support: Try to reach unhappy people. Be sure to reply to unhappy users quickly
  • Engage on Multiple Channels: Social media and email marketing is famous channel for gathering number of reviews and rating

8. Build Your App’s Brand Online, Offline, or Socially –

Users like hear about, know or see a particular app before installing it. About 70% of users like to do that. The top 50 apps in the app store are either searched for via Google or social media sites like Facebook. So, having online presence and brand is important.

Keep in mind these tips mentioned above, before hiring ASO services in Pune, and you will be set. Optimizing an app will not only bring you money, but will assure guaranteed success worldwide.