5 Ways of Brand promotion through Corporate Video

Jul 09, 2018 — Branding, Corporate Video

5 Ways of Brand promotion through Corporate Video

Your corporate video is ready. You have made a mesmerizing and innovative video by incorporating creative storytelling and other ideas. You have spent talent, resources, and time in creating the best video to present your business, products & services, and its philosophy. Now what? Without promotion and getting it in front of potential buyers, this video is nothing but a piece of storage-room material. There needs to be a video promotion strategy. In short, this promotion of corporate video is nothing but the promotion of your brand. This video will send a message about your brand and create an identity in people’s minds. Following are some of the ways in which you can promote your brand through a corporate video:

Playing the video at an event:

The industry events are filled with dull speeches and boring presentations. The attendees either yawn or scroll through their social media feeds when a speaker is giving a speech. To break this boring flow and explain a lot about your business, you can play the corporate video and get the attention of maximum attendees. This will help them in understanding your message and grasping your message in minimum time. Moreover, you can use the video content in a long speech you are giving to break the monotony and refuel the attendees.

Video campaign on social media:

Based on the time people spend on social media, promoting the video on social media platforms would give great benefits. These platforms are best places where people are more likely to share, like, and comment on videos, which would increase the viewers. Running a campaign would help in strategizing and gaining more views and exposure to the brand. Include a call to action such as share and landing page link in the caption to get more visitors to the website.

Post video in online communities:

There are online communities and groups created on various social media platforms and websites. Share the video on those platforms on which like-minded people are involved. It may be Twitter chat, Reddit, LinkedIn Group, or other community. Ensure the group or community is relevant to your brand, and post your video there. There will be increased engagements.

Pin your video to the top of social media feeds:

Whenever a potential buyer visits your official social media pages or accounts, it is necessary to show this video to them as it will convey a lot of information about your company than scrolling through the feed. So, pin the video on top. Else, it will get lost in new posts. The video on top will drive more engagement and shared extensively. Take maximum benefit of this free feature by social media platforms.

Be shameless, ask people to share:

Promotion involves being shameless. So, be shameless and ask your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to share your video. Just asking would be enough. You will realize being shameless would significantly improve your views and spread the word about your brand. You do not know what connections people have and how a simple sharing would impact your business in a positive way. This is a simple strategy but gives considerable results when done.

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