5 Essential Rules for Packaging Design

May 19, 2018 — Branding

5 Essential Rules for Packaging Design

Effective use of designing is one of the essential elements of establishing a brand identity. Packaging design, also known as package design, can help in connecting people and establish trust with potential customers. It reflects what the brand is about and makes an impression in people’s minds. From the color of the package to information conveyed, the packaging design becomes a crucial element to establish a connection with people who buy a product or just check them out. Whether businesses are looking forward to creating a new design or revamping the existing design, it is essential to consider few rules that will help them in establishing a connection with existing and potential customers:

Rule No. 1: True reflection of the brand, no exaggeration

The packaging should convey what it exactly is. There must not be over-promise or under-delivery. It should be an honest reflection of what product is and what brand stands for. People judge the product or brand from its packaging and they form an opinion about it. It is important to build trust and give an impression of trustworthiness to form loyal customer base. Brands should not trick them into believing something the brand is not or exaggerate the offerings. It will make customers go away and establish lack of trust, which is harmful to any brand.

Rule No. 2: Consistent design

There may be a range of products of a company. They may be of various sizes. It is essential to make them look consistent. The consistency will help in making an impression in people’s mind and achieving recognition in the competitive market. And above all, the consistency helps in establishing trust.

Rule No. 3: Clarity & Precision

The packaging design is nothing but a way to advertise your brand. There should be clarity about the product and the contents used to manufacture the product. In addition, there should be clear warnings if it is flammable or hazardous for children. Precautions and directions to use should be mentioned clear and simple manner. Furthermore, if the company decides to mention the quantity of each content, it should be mentioned precisely. The clarity and precision show the brand has nothing to hide and establishes trust.

Rule No. 4: Differentiability

The unique verbal and visual style will help in standing out in the other competitive products. It helps in identifying the product among many other similar products. Choosing the color format, font, and shape becomes quite important while deciding the design that would stand out in the crowd. Differentiability helps in identification.

Rule No. 5: Functional

Ensure the packaging materials used comply with international and local standards. If possible, make it recyclable. When customers know the product they are buying has a recycling packaging, it shows that the company cares about the environment. This fact is important in establishing trust and making a connection for a long time. Comply with all the legal standards and make the packaging functional.

Packaging design is one of the essential elements to make an everlasting impression and it should be designed with a lot of thought process and various considerations about the brand. Being one of the leading branding companies in Pune and gaining wide experience in helping brands create awareness, Kaizen Design Studio helps businesses in creating new packaging designs and upgrading the existing ones to enable them in connecting with existing and potential customers.