5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2021

Feb 19, 2021 — Digital Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2021

Digital marketing is one of the most disrupted industries in the world. What’s hot today could become yesterday’s technology in a matter of months, even weeks. Therefore, you need to stay updated regarding the latest trends in digital marketing. 2021 is going to bring in many changes in digital marketing, and any good digital marketing company in Pune will tell you to incorporate these trends into your marketing strategies right now.

Adjacent Searches – Here’s how most SEO strategies tend to work. Target a page, select a few keywords and terms related to that target, and get ranked. While this has worked so far, it’s not going to be enough in 2021. It has become important to also rank for keywords and terms that are similar to your business. Your search profile needs to be a lot stronger than it is because other businesses have already begun targeting adjacent searches and you may lose business.

SEO Voice Search – Voice search is the next big areas of focus in the SEO industry. With voice assistants available on most devices, people are searching through voice commands. Modern AI assistants are also able to understand accented language; hence, they have gotten better. SEOs now also have to figure out how to show up in voice searches. This is going to be difficult as voice search metrics are quite different from text search metrics. However, being able to tap into this will be highly beneficial.

SEO Image Search – Google lens was just the beginning. From finding the source of images to deciphering the geo-location, Google is now able to use uploaded images to do a variety of things, and this is only going to get better. Images have become an additional medium for SEOs to tap into a whole new level of traffic. The best SEO companies in Pune have already begun to make image searches as a part of their SEO strategies.

Automatic Bidding – Automatic bidding has been around since 2016, but only now it is coming into its own. It has evolved into ‘Smart Bidding’, and will become a permanent feature of Google’s ad and marketing platforms. Forget the previous hassles of carefully curating each ad. Now, you only have to do is select Google’s smart bidding option and everything will be ready. All that’s left to do is click the ‘start campaign’ button. PPC services in Pune are going to benefit from this development.

Video Content – Almost everyone knew this was going to happen. In 2021, video content is going to get a huge push on all marketing platforms, especially social media. So, it’s time to loosen your purse strings and contact a good corporate video production company to make marketable videos for your business. Videos are going to become the main marketing tool in 2021.

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