4 Reasons your company needs a corporate video

Mar 23, 2018 — Corporate Video

4 Reasons your company needs a corporate video

As the era of internet emerged, the corporate branding and advertising strategies also changed. The television commercials were used to advertise and spread the word about the brand. However, the trend has shifted to corporate videos. The web-centric video advertising has gained momentum and corporate videos have become a powerful way to reach masses and connect with potential customers. Riding on the wave of change in habits of people, branding companies in Pune have shifted their focus to creating corporate videos to convey the brand image and philosophy. The videos have given more return on investment nowadays than commercial advertising strategies. Following are some important reasons why businesses need to opt for corporate videos:

Reach masses in short time:

The corporate videos are not longer than five minutes generally. In this short time, business, product, and services can be showcased in a quick, informational, and creative way. When the video is posted on the website, it helps the visitor understand a lot about the company within a short span of time. Once they relate to the business through video, they would try to find more about the business by navigating through the website. The relevant images, music, and voiceover are packed together to convey information about business through storytelling. It makes easier for visitors to connect in short time.

Reach more customers:

The video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo can attract a lot of visitors by getting the videos across millions of people. As they have easy sharing options on social media sites and blogs, it is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach more customers. When viewers share content, it will increase brand awareness without costing a penny besides the production cost. This is impossible with conventional advertising commercials. However, updating videos time to time is important. If the video is ten years old, no one would be interested in sharing as they will doubt the relevance at this time.

Love from Google:

Once the corporate video is created and optimized for search engine, it has tremendous potential to rank high on site such as Google. Having a good search ranking is one of the crucial benefits for any business. Since the acquisition of YouTube by Google, the search engine giant is making sure video content also gets necessary attention along with text-based content. Using appropriate keywords in the title and ensuring keyword choices aligns with rest of the website, the video can be optimized for high ranking in search engine sites. The website traffic will come from the YouTube content which ranked high on Google.

Stand out from competitors:

The corporate video tells the story of your business in a creative way. Often, many websites try to convey information only through text, which is unappealing for viewers. With a corporate video, businesses can make an instant impression on potential customers. If a potential customer likes the video and relates to the brand, they will gain confidence in the products and services along with sharing with others. As the word about the brand will spread through video sharing, those brands will stand out from their competitors.

It is too tiresome to read through a lot of textual information on the website, so customers will look for quick and easy access to information about the product. Having corporate video will help in reaching the customers easily and Kaizen Design Studio will help you in achieving that aim. Being one of the leading corporate video production company in Pune, it strives to help customers create brand awareness and increase reach through corporate videos.