4 Common corporate videos mistakes to avoid

Mar 11, 2018 — Corporate Video

4 Common corporate videos mistakes to avoid

Corporate videos have become an effective tool to create brand awareness and convey information about the business, product, and service in a short span of time. They are easy to share, can be optimized to rank high in search engines, and used on different platforms. However, faster, easier, and cheaper do not always guarantee success in advertising and branding of the business. If some mistakes are made during corporate video making, they can lead to unfavorable consequences. Following are some of the corporate video mistakes to avoid in order to gain maximum benefits:

Focus on the product:

The primary purpose of the corporate video is to connect with potential buyers. It is important to convey information about the product, service, and business, but you should not get caught up in it. Forming a bond with potential customers is essential. While creating a video, it is significant to think from the customer point of view. What would they like to watch? Why should they care? What benefits would they get? Addressing questions like these and others is essential. Without planting the seeds of emotional connection and telling everything about products or services would make it boring and the purpose will not be achieved. If the focus on telling stories is not maintained and focus on products is given, it will not encourage people to find more about the brand. To create brand awareness through video, it is essential to focus on connecting with them.

Showing how technically clever you are:

Corporate video a tool used as a communication to spread brand awareness. A common mistake is to use too much technical and industry language. This will drive away audience from a video, website, and the whole brand. Use of technical language is favorable only when the video is created for people belonging to the same industry. If a video is targeted at layman or specific customers, using a language that is understandable to them is necessary. Moreover, using the same tone of voice, visual images, and text that resonates with the target audience is essential. Everything related to target audience needs to be taken into consideration while making a video.

Poor SEO & lack of use of social media:

Google loves videos posted on YouTube. It ranks them high in search results if it is search engine optimized. However, not investing time in giving an SEO-friendly title and appropriate tags will not give the desired results from the video. If the video is great and appealing; but if it does not rank high in search engine, it will not gain viewers. This, in turn, affects brand awareness. Moreover, posting the video on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a great way to optimize search engine results. It can also be included in emails to increase click-through rate. Effectively harnessing the power of social media will help in spreading the word through corporate video.

Too long video duration:

The era of instant gratification has arrived and people have no time to watch long videos. They want maximum information in a short time. Creating long videos will draw people away from the video. Conveying precise information in short duration and creative way is a challenge, but it would reap great benefits if done correctly. Capturing audience in an entertaining way within limited time is the formula.

Creating a corporate video requires a significant amount of time and thought process. Making some common mistakes will lead to mediocre results in achieving brand awareness. To prevent this from happening, Kaizen Design Studio will help you. Being one of the corporate video production company in Pune, and wide experience in creating corporate videos, it helps in creating brand awareness.