3 Vital Reasons why you shouldn’t design your own website

Dec 13, 2017 — Web Design & Development

3 Vital Reasons why you shouldn’t design your own website

Having a website for business or personal branding is of utmost importance as the era of “always online” emerged. Designing a website is not only limited to design for desktop and laptops. As people are choosing surfing the web on smartphones and tablets over desktops and laptops, designing a mobile-friendly website has become a necessity. Before you decide to design your own website, determine whether you have time, resources, and expertise to design a professional-looking and mobile-friendly website. Moreover, you need to determine whether you have time to maintain it after building. Though there are some platforms such as WordPress and Wix which help you in building websites. But they are generally used for non-profit or small businesses. So, if you are interested in an elegant and professional-looking website on which customers will be lured and making a lasting impression, you should hire a professional agency to do the work for you. Following are some of the crucial reasons why you should not develop your own website:

1. Branding and design

Your website is a reflection of your business or services. As you may not be acquainted and well-informed with how modern websites look and function, it will work against establishing a brand for your business. It will not appeal to your customers and the outdated look will draw them away. The research suggested that visitors make a decision about whether the website is appealing or not in only 50 milliseconds. If your website does not look classy and aesthetic according to the services or product you offer, it will not sell no matter how good they are. In addition, you need your website to function properly without any crashes or faults. The branding and web development companies are well-informed about the current trends and their vast experience will help you in getting the best designs.

2. SEO

If you are familiar will the best practices of SEO, you should not have second thoughts about designing on your own. But if you are not, you should not opt for that option. The website that appears on first few pages on search results will have a lot of traffic. However, if the website does not appear on first few pages, it will be nothing but a dead website. The website should be optimized for SEO. When visitors search for keywords related to the industry in which you are operating, they should appear on your website. SEO optimization is an intricate job as SEO practices change all the time. As new policies come into the picture, a website needs to be redesigned to comply with them. SEO experts in branding companies are well-acquainted with current policies and practices. They can help you with getting your website indexed easily by search engines.

3. Maintenance

Websites need to be maintained and updated as business needs change. The effective updating and redesign are necessary as new products or services are added. Moreover, pages such as testimonials and new offers need to be added and changed over time as business strategy changes. On the other hand, offers or services that are no longer offered by your business should be eliminated. Else, when customers find that products, offers, and services that you do not provide are still on the website, it makes a bad impression. Another important task for maintenance is to add fresh content frequently. Search engines look whether new content added or not on weekly basis. Adding blog or news content regularly will help the website by appearing on first few pages in search engine results. Moreover, SEO experts have an extensive knowledge of analytics. This will be helpful for your business in determining load time, bounce rate, site downtime, and other factors necessary to upgrade the website.

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